V-Log: #Megxit As An Existential ‘Constitutional Crisis’ For The British Royal Family

Shelton Bumgarner

An observation.

Harry Windsor & Meghan Markle As Modern Day John & Yoko

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelt Garner

It has occurred to me that Harry Windsor and Meghan Markle should announce their new life in New York City by having a Bed In. Harry Windsor should get a picture taken of him replicating John Lennon’s iconic rooftop shot of him with a “New York City” shirt on.

The couple should decide to have minimal security and simply walk around New York City like “normal” people. They should start speaking out against Trump. Right now, I don’t even know what Harry Windsor sounds like.

Or, really, if they REALLY wanted rock the world — post an Instagram photo of Harry Windsor naked next to Meghan Markle like the iconic shot of John doing this to Yoko Ono that was on the cover of Rolling Stone soon after his death.

God, Part 3: ‘Spooky’

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

I don’t really believe in a God, but this evening something really fucking spooky happened — just casually looking up something small — but important — for the novel, I found a crucial conceit-defining plot point that would make any Beatles aficionado sit up and take notice. It was an eerie “ah-ha!” moment that made me look around to see if I wasn’t in like, the fucking Matrix or something.

I think some of it has to do with once you establish the core of one of your two “main” characters, then the rest takes care of itself. Or, put another way, I’m well on my way to having a “canon,” rather than simply a series of plot points created out of thin air for expediency sake.

But let me be absolutely clear — I have been here before many, many, many times. The next milestone is what happens when I push my Hero and Heroine into the “special world” of the second act. If the whole thing doesn’t collapse at that point, then, well, we’re rockin.

In a sense, this novel is what would happen if you poured Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity” into a Stieg Larsson novel that was having a Vulcan mind-meld with Network, Columbiana, Gone Girl, All The President’s Men, Fargo and maybe a little bit of Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood. But that’s simply some of the influences I see on my side as I develop the novel. Should anyone actually ever read this thing, that might not be as clear.

And, remember, I’m a pretty good storyteller, while generally my writing is generally derided as piss-poor for various reasons. I would temper your expectations until you actually held some semblance of the finished product in your hands and could make your own judgement.

The whole thing could collapse pretty easily. But, for the moment, I’m cautiously optimistic.

V-Log: John Lennon, #Brexit & Mulling What Happens Next In The UK #StopTheCoup

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

If Trump has taught me anything, it’s that in the modern era the bad guys always win. So I’m generally rather pessimistic about what might happen in the UK in the next few days. But it is fun to daydream. Besides, no one listens to me anyway.

Regardless, here are some great protest songs for Remainers to use should the mood strike them.

Idle Mulling of John Lennon & Trump

by Shelton Bumgarner

I sometimes find myself thinking about how John Lennon would have reacted to Donald Trump. Would he have been on the front lines of The Resistance, or more darkly, would he have been a supporter for no other reason than he would be in his 70s now and maybe his more irascible qualities would have finally taken over his personality.

Despite all of his 1970s “househusband” views, John Lennon was something of a dick.

If you wanted to get really sadistic, you could even say Lennon might have gone into British politics himself, but not as his “give peace a chance” self, but a more populist “power to the people” version. It would not take too much for one to believe the Lennon of 2018 would be a British version of Trump who wanted to give power to the people by ending the tyranny of the European Union.

And, in passing, one might note that rumor has it that Lennon was a secret Reagan supporter right before his death in 1980. Any belief that he would be a big old Leftist hippie in his 70s assumes he would still be with Yoko and would not have grown more conservative along with the rest of the Baby Boomers.

Of all The Beatles to turn his back on his youthful ideals, John Lennon seems to be it. He was the most political of The Beatles and as an iconoclast he could very well have surprised us all by turning into the UK’s very own Trump. And, unfortunately for the UK, they don’t have a written Constitution, so if you really wanted to dark, PM John Lennon could have become something of a populist tyrant.

But we’ll never know. Lennon’s legacy is safely escond in his martyrdom.