Countdown To American Fascism: Now What

by Shelt Garner

The thing about America’s decent into fascism is how obvious it all is and yet Twitter liberals continue to be painfully oblivious. There won’t be a free and fair election this fall and we all have to prepare for the consequences of that. The history books will mark the end of liberal democracy in the United States as the day Trump was acquitted by the Senate.

We are now in a fascist state. The bad guys have won. We have to turn our attention from scoring points on Twitter to figuring out how to live in a fascist state. The key point we have to understand fully is the Republican Party is fascist. It sees democracy as only a means to an end. That’s why Trump gets away with acting so surreal — Republicans only see themselves as legitimate. Anyone else with any power is to be destroyed at all costs. And, really, the logic is there for them to start murdering people in cold blood, it’s just a matter of the circumstances being right.

I refuse to delude myself. The fascist have won and will likely either snatch me off the street or push me out a window at some point in Trump’s stolen second term. This is an absolute law of political nature at this point. But, simply to be fair, I will entertain a few scenarios where that will at least be punted down the road a (few) years.

There are a few major problems for the fascists going forward.

Trump Is A Self Own Artist
I find this plausible, but just barely. Trump is not a political genius, no matter what The New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman thinks. He’s just a very lucky moron. So, it is at least possible that at some point between now and when the Electors vote, he’ll pull defeat from the jaws of victory. He’ll screw up in some way that he can’t weasel his way out of. This has happened to him a few times over the last four years. To date, he’s always managed to avoid any real accountability, but if he did it at just the wrong time during his efforts to steal the election, well, lulz.

Trump Is Barely Sane
Connected to the first issue is Trump being bonkers. He’s just barely holding on his mind. Now, this is not quite the fatal flaw you think it is — Interior Minster Barr will simply do whatever is necessary to keep House Trump in power, even if Trump finally snaps in a way that is so conspicuous it can’t be hidden.

Electors Are Human Beings
I have long assumed that Trump’s criminality and his insanity would merge if there was any risk he might actually lose. That’s happening a little bit, but if really did feel he was going to lose, he would strike at the weakest link of the Constitution — the human beings who are Electors. He is going to dox them on Twitter. Or to “joke” on Twitter that MAGA should remind them of the power of the Second Amendment. And, Electors being human beings is such an unpredictable variable that I simply can’t for sure tell you how that might work out. It’s just possible that everything will completely be thrown up in the air and the entire country will come to know the personalities of all the Electors in a way we never felt possible. It could be that the Electoral College is finally abolished because we have the political equivalent of 9/11 in 2020. It’s barely possible, but any time humans are involved, all bets are off.

Both Trump and Biden Are Old
I have nothing personal against Trump. Live long and prosper, you fucking criminal. I would prefer he be arrested the moment he’s out of office and put in jail for the rest of his life where he could “prosper,” but that’s unlikely to happen. Anyway, I want a political solution to the cancer that is MAGA, but I will note that if either one of the major presidential candidates were physically indisposed for some reason — especially if it was really, really late in the process — then you ain’t see nothing yet. Some really, really surreal things might happen.

But none of this is going to happen. Trump is going to successfully steal the election and that will be that. Fascism in America is no longer something that “may” happen at some point in the future — it’s here, now.

Just like with Brexit, the worst is going to happen. We’re in for 20 to 40 years of fascist rule in the United States. We’re going to be identical to Putin’s “managed democracy” in Russia. There will be a Constitutional Convention at some point in Trump’s stolen second term that will pass Enabling Acts and, well, that’s it. This is an absolute certainty.

The reason it’s an absolute certainty is Twitter liberals are delusional. They don’t realize how dirty the fascist Republicans are going to play if there’s any doubt of their final victory. And, a such, Republicans are going to willingly embrace fascism.

I wish I was smart enough how to survive the new fascist state of affairs in the United States. But I’m not. You’re on your own.

Countdown To American Fascism: Electoral College Meltdown

by Shelt Garner

As I understand it, there are a series of times from the moment the popular vote is counted until the Electoral College actual votes where the vote has to be certified. I think individual State legislatures do it and then Pence does it as the President of the Senate.

One of the major talking points of fucking fascist shitheat MAGA assholes is that the United States is a “constitutional republic” and not a democracy. They make this point because they’re fucking fascists and don’t believe in democracy in the first place unless it facilitates them gaining and keeping power. Otherwise, fuck you.

Now, before I continue, let me remind you that autocrats always win. Always. They never fucking lose. So, I have accepted that Trump is going to have a second term one way or another. It is now an absolute equal to gravity and the speed of light — Trump is going to “win” a second term and soon enough people are going to be pushed out of windows in America like they are in Russia. That I may be one of those people in the end doesn’t make me feel very good.

But let’s suppose for a little while there is some debate as to Trump’s inevitable status as “winner.” This is where all that fucking shithead MAGA talk about us being a “constitutional republic” comes into play. All they care about is Trump winning. That’s it. Nothing else matters. As such, they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure he stays in power, even if it means destroying the political system of the country they claim to want to “make great again.”

So, I could see a few repeats of the Brooks Brothers Riot of 2000. I could see rolling political violence between election night and when Trump is sworn in. I could see states with Republican legislatures simply refusing to certify the vote at the behest of Trump. All of this would smash into the MAGA dominated Federal judiciary where — surprise! — Trump wins. It happened in 2000 and it’s going to happen in 2020, should it come to that. It will be a five-four vote and Trump is sworn in and fuck you, libtards.

If things got really dicey for Trump, I could see him pressuring individual Electors on Twitter, or doxing them or telling MAGA people to “show them the power of the 2nd Amendment.” Or, if Trump hasn’t already indicted Biden as his “October Surprise,” I could see him doing it AFTER the election as a way to fuck with the Electoral College and or negotiate his own pardon should, somehow, we manage to frogwalk him out of the Oval Office on January 20th.

The issue is, in the end, because Trump is a fucking fascist, he will come out on top. Then all of our nightmares will come true and, well, that’s it. In fact, the only possible thing that MIGHT happen to stop this political hellscape from happening is, well, Trump being Trump.

While Trump has some astonishing macro political trends in his favor, he, himself is still a fucking moron. He’s not a political genius as The New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman would coo that he is. He’s just a fucking idiot. What’s more, he’s a fucking idiot with history of repeated self-owns.

So, in the end, any chance we have of having a little bit of a breather before Tom Cotton or Mike Pompeo finally smother Lady Liberty will come because Trump, personally, screws up in some fucking massive way.

But there’s no assurance one way or another that this will happen — if ever. And probably what would happen is his personal screw up would be such a massive human tragedy that no one in particular will gain from it. We’ll just be rid of Trump for a little while until Ivanka or Don Jr have to battle Cotton and Pompeo for the House Trump crown.

Trump’s Coming Second Term Purge of Late Night Hosts

by Shelt Garner

Form follows function, so it would make a lot of sense that once Trump brazenly steals a second term that one of the first things he’s going to do is purge late night of all the hosts he doesn’t like.

Remember, by this point, Trump will have crossed a number of Rubicons in his successful efforts to steal the 2020 election, so he’s going to do some pretty jawdropping things that even he might not have thought about doing before. There are two ways I could see him getting rid of late show hosts he didn’t like.

One would be direct — he tells the heads of the majors media companies to do it or else. He’ll take their broadcasting license or whatever. This probably will happen behind the scenes, but when the boom is dropped it will happen very rapidly. We’ll all find out what he did, but lulz, nothing matters.

There’s another way he might do it — he might convince “German Industrialists” to buy up stock in various media companies and get them to pressure media execs to get rid of the hosts that way.

Whenever this happens — and it WILL happen — there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth by media types. We’ll learn all about the Smothers Brothers and LBJ. There might be some isolated protests. Many a “successful” meme will be launched on social media that “destroys” Trump. (Ugh.) But, in the end, nothing will happen. Absolutely nothing. Trump will win and there will be a new crop of late night hosts. It could be a number of these new hosts will be women or minorities in a sop liberals. But, oddly, none of these new hosts will talk about politics at all.

Meanwhile, the purged late night hosts will get new deals on Netflix or Disney+. They will all start a number of successful podcasts.

But an era will be over.

Soon enough, a similar purge will take place in TV newsrooms across the country. It’s even possible that Rupert Murdoch will be encouraged to buy The New York Times and or CNN. By the time Trump ramps up his efforts to get a Constitutional Convention called up to “pass a balanced budget amendment” the media in the United States will be nothing more than a lap dog to House Trump.

I believe barring a pretty enormous self-own on the part of Trump himself (which is obviously always possible) this is our future. It’s an absolute law of nature at this point.

Idle Rambling About The ‘Wind of Change’ Podcast, #JodiKantor, #JessicaAlba & The #Novel I’m #Writing

by Shelt Garner

Some thoughts.

My Novel’s Female Romantic Lead As Twitter Liberal

by Shelt Garner

Every story needs an outsider to serve as the proxy for the audience. They ask questions that you need to answer for them. For my story, I’m using someone inspired — sorta — by someone like Jodi Kantor. I’m not a good enough writer to properly represent this type person, but in general the novel’s female romantic lead is meant to be, essentially, a Verified Twitter Liberal.

There are some problems with doing this. One is, I fear Twitter Liberals will like this character more than the actual Hero if I’m not careful. I know the mentality of Twitter Liberals well enough to fake it in a character, but I’m nervous that if i do too good a job, they’re going to be more interested in my female romantic lead than, well, my Hero.

But the point of using a Twitter Liberal as my female romantic lead is to prove a point — in the end, we’re all human. That, and the fact that having a character inspired by Jodi Kantor fall for a character inspired by bonkers me is very, very funny to me. It’s both a challenge and entertaining to me as I develop to see if I can pull this otherwise surreal relationship off.

But, again, it’s going to be a huge challenge. Everyone thinks I suck. Everyone wants me to fail. Everyone is looking for some reason to make this all moot. But I believe in myself, nonetheless. I think Ms. Kantor has looked at this Website and found me, shall we say, lacking. I can’t help what a kook I am (using her metrics). I am who I am. I try my best to be the best person I can possibly be.

Anyway, things continue to move quicker with development.

I’m quite pleased.

I’m Obsessed With Character

by Shelt Garner

I’ve finally gotten to the most crucial aspect of developing this novel — character. I have about three books on character that I’m cramming as fast as I can so I can start writing again no later than June 1st. I need to understand these characters so I can control them absolutely. I don’t have time to let them play. They have to do what I want them to do, the way I want them to do.

I keep thinking about the brilliance of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag. The plot of that story is organic to the character. What in mind, I’m using what I remember of my bonkers self in Seoul from 12 years ago as the basis of my hero’s personality. I have to be really careful, though, that he doesn’t come off as so comical that the story doesn’t have the serious tone I need it to have.

But I do remember how interesting I was in Seoul, if nothing else. I had more than enough character to go around, that’s for sure. The thing about being a long-term expat in Seoul is you find yourself meeting people you would otherwise never meet. For instance, I met Pinch Sulzberger of the New York Times in 2004. Totally blew my mind.

I really like the idea of digging into how bonkers being a long-term expat in Seoul can make you. When I lived there, I could never figure out if South Korea drew bonkers people to be expats there, or if the place drove you bonkers by simply staying a long time. (It may be a little bit of both.)

Anyway, in a sense, this novel is simply me thinking about my time as the publisher of ROKon Magazine in Seoul, but in a far more palatable — and easier to write – fashion than I had in mind when I first tried to tell a very angry version of it about 10 years ago.

I have worked very, very hard to get where I am. Now, to close the deal. I have to keep cramming about how to develop believable characters. Wish me luck.

Strangers In The Night

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

By pretty much every metric a “normal” person would use on me, I’m a delusional weirdo currently living one of the more rural corners of a purple fly over state. That’s my reality.

So, as I proceed, keep in mind that I am well aware that I am probably just imagining things. It could all just be me jumping to huge conclusions. I’m using pretty prosaic datapoints and then weaving something out of the ordinary from them.

Anyway, I’ve been contacting a few well-known women the last few days for various reasons connected — and not connected — to the novel I’m developing. Jodi Kantor of the NYT gave me a polite one-line sentence email indicating that I wasn’t worth her time. That’s fair. I am going to exact my revenge, however, by doing everything in my power to have a character who’s professional life is greatly inspired by hers fall in love with a proxy me. Take that, successful investigative journalist!

Then someone obviously using a burner account on Instagram contacted me out of the blue tonight. Given that 99.99999999% of the time anyone who contacts me out of the blue on Instagram is either a troll or absolutely, completely insane, I blocked the account without even thinking about it. No point in wasting my time by engaging the person, whomever they may be.

But the event lingered in my mind. I have an extremely over-active imagination and I started to muse that it might be someone famous who wanted to talk to me, but just not via their official account. The rest of this bit of the post is more about me weighing what famous woman thinks about when contacting someone like me than any notion that that is at all what was going on.

I guess if you were a famous woman intrigued by a weirdo like me and you wanted to contact me you would check out my Instagram and then maybe setup a burner account simply to chat for a moment? Why they wouldn’t be willing say hey with their real account eludes me. But I don’t think that’s what happened. It was probably just my usual insane people trying to bother me. Shrug.

Anyway, enough of that.

The ‘Known Unknowns’ Of The Impeachment Process Endgame

Our Future.
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

On a strictly political level, I feel confident in saying Trump is safe. He will be impeached by the House, acquitted by the Senate and be given yet ANOTHER political pardon for him to instantly abuse. He’ll grow far more brazen. He’ll pardon everyone he needs to, get Barr to indict an array of his political opponents, get Russians to directly hack into our election systems or get some MAGA plutocrat to bribe Electors as need be.


But there are some known unknowns I can’t possibly case out.

Trump’s Mental State
He’s already hysterical and he hasn’t even been formally impeached yet. So, there’s at least a reasonable chance his mental state could explode, not implode. He’ll grow transactional with his Twitter feed, especially in regards to the Whistleblower. Things may get so bad that it’s not the politics of impeachment that is Trump’s downfall, it’s that he’s completely bonkers and the 25th Amendment is a currently a dead letter.

The Fate Of The Whistleblower
While it might be an immediate goal of Congressional Republicans to out the Whistlebower so they can make impeachment about him and his motives, it’s reasonable to believe that will only work with the 35% MAGA base. Everyone else will be able to process that even though the Whistleblower has some professional connection to both Biden and Susan Rice, Trump still, in fact, did crimes against the Constitution that warrant his removal from office. This is really tricky, given that on an institutional level The New York Times continues to carry water for House Trump. (See, also, Maggie Haberman.) So, maybe it’ll work. But maybe it won’t. Who knows. The fate of the Republic hinges on the answer to this question, but lulz. Optics! The Whistleblower is murdered in cold blood by a MAGA fuckwit because of a throwaway line by Trump, then the criminal fascist Republican Party will in the position to finally have to defend Trump directly leading to someone’s murder. They’ll do it, too. They will win the news cycle, but there’s a good chance that their argument — that we have to end impeachment because people are dying — may not actually be as effective as they believe.

General Rat-Fucking By Republicans
Republicans are criminal fascists. They don’t believe in either liberal democracy or civil society. They only believe in power and making as much money as possible to the detriment to the nation as a whole. Barr could hand down bogus criminal referrals at any moment. All they want is to maintain power. They are willing to destroy everything to further that goal. Nothing is off limits. This will grow ever more so as there fucking moron of a leader grows more and more hysterical.

It’s because of these factors that I simply can’t case out the impeachment endgame. If this was any other person as president, I would resign myself to darkness finally falling across the land. I would assume I’d die at some point in Trump’s second term at an ICE Camp with a bullet to the back of the head. While that still may happen, we’re still at the beginning of the process.

Buckle up.

The Worst Of Times, The Best Of Times — Two Impeachment Endgames

Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

I love running scenarios in my mind. In fact, I’m kind of obsessed with it. When it comes to impeachment, however, as of right now it’s impossible for me to come up with an endgame. Both possible outcomes have such factual reasons for one to believe they will happen that I’m not going to try to pin down one. Here are both scenarios. You can figure out for yourself which one is more likely at this point.

The Thousand Year Trump

Jan. 20, 2025

Though it was an unusually warm January day, Donald Trump was, as usual, grumpy. Kim Jung Un had walked with him down Pennsylvania Ave in a spirit of world peace. Press Secretary Hugh Hewitt gushed on Fox News that Trump’s friendship with Kim assured “a thousand years” of peace and prosperity across the globe. Trump had finally bested all his opponents — even the Constitution — and was now about to begin his third term. Much of his the mid-part of this second administration had been consumed with a snap Constitutional Convention he had managed to force the convening of under the pretext of a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Of course that was a ruse. The Convention went rouge and radically transformed the Constitution into a Federalist Society wet dream. Among the many “improvements” was his personal ability to run for as many terms as he liked. Trump had weighed not running for a third term because of his age, but his ego, as always, won out. He did decide to name Ivanka his Veep and Don Jr., Sec. of State.

Trump allowed himself a moment of rare introspection. DHS Sec. Stephen Miller was now “disappearing” vocal critics of the House Trump on a regular basis. Miller was building ICE camps so fast it was growing difficult to hide the pictures from the People’s Assembly. The residents of some of the more populous military districts were unhappy, but they were always unhappy. He smirked at the notion of “blue states” and how quaint it seemed now.

Trump had finally crushed The New York Times when Peter Thiel offered Pinch an sum so enormous that he felt forced to sell. Though a lot of the more liberal reporters had left The Times, its new executive editor Maggie Haberman assured that he would get the coverage from the paper that he had so long craved.

The United States was now great. About half the wall had been built to the tune of a $1 trillian. The massive public works had helped ease the nation’s pain during the Second Great Recession. Trump was also pleased that the new Internet PIN was being rolled out. The Kurdish terrorist attacks in LA had helped push that measure through quite nicely.

Trump was at last a man in full. He had absolute power in the United States. He had founded a political dynasty that would last a thousand years. Occasionally Trump would, just to troll FOX News, shoot out a dick pic or tweet the n-word. He needed to do something big soon, Obama’s treason trial was about to be broadcast and he hated the idea of Obama being the center of attention, even it was entertaining to see him in the dock.

Trump was alone at last in the Oval when the door opened. He smiled broadly — Putin would finally get to sit at the Resolute Desk. Trump loved it when a plan came together.

A Dream….Not Delayed

Election Night, 2020

President Nancy Pelosi sighed deeply. She felt she had finally fulfilled her Constitutional duty. She had just finished a brief congratulatory phone call with President-Elect Warren. The two women giggle like school girls as the magnitude of the event sank in.

But the cost had been incredible.

In the end, had not been politics that fell Trump, but Trump himself. Though his mental condition had shown signs of decline before his official impeachment, his problems accelerated after the House passed the measure. Trump, in short, snapped. His tweeting went from objectionable to transational. He began to rant about the size of his genitals. He repeatedly told MAGA to hunt down and murder The Squad.

Republicans had, at first, simply either ignored the situation or said Trump was “joking.” This grew more difficult when members of the Freedom Caucus staged a putsch of sorts by rioting on the House floor and picking off Democrats they did not like with hand guns they had smuggled into the Capitol. The death toll was too large for her to bear to remember.

Though Republicans had attempted to message this tragedy as a sign that the cost of impeachment was too great and it must be stopped immediately, this is not how the nation viewed it.After the National Memorial service for the fallen House Democrats, the pace of impeachment accelerated rapidly.

In the end, it wasn’t even close. Trump was convicted by the Senate. He then held up in the Oval Office for close to three weeks. He was finally physically dragged from the White House under cover of night. Trump’s mental condition had deteratied by that point that he was hospitalized to an effort to stabilize him. Pence was president briefly until the outrage over the attempted Republican putsch in the House grew to powerful even for him.

But that was almost a year ago. President Pelosi had done her best to heal the nation. Her caretaker administration was a who’s who of people who had found themselves in opposition to House Trump. American politics was in total chaos for much of the presidential cycle with both sides struggling with how to deal with the sudden return of liberal democratic norms.

She sighed again.

The Union was again strong. The Republic safe, for now.

The Coming Of The Republican Gotterdammerung Impeachment Strategy

Oh boy.
Shelton Bumgarner

by Shelton Bumgarner

I continue to struggle as to what the endgame for this catastrophic clusterfuck is going to be. All things being equal, it would appear that Trump will be impeached and acquitted in the Senate. He will grow even more brazen in his tyranny afterwards with election meddling and Republicans will finally get the Russian-style managed democracy they so desperately crave.

And yet.

Something surreal is going on with Republicans. I can only suspect it has something to do with Trump freaking out at the prospect of getting impeached at all. This is yet another indication that Trump is not, in fact, the political genius that New York Times Trump Whisperer Maggie Haberman would have haysee rubes in flyover states like me believe. That he would grow so completely rabid at the idea of even being impeached does not bode well for anyone involved.

So I might suggest that you pause to consider that what may bring down House Trump — and Pence for that matter — may not be impeachment but Trump’s reaction to it. Or, more specifically, it won’t even be Trump’s reaction to it, it will be the violence associated with it. To put it another way, we are racing at an alarming rate towards people dying in a Republican Gotterdammerung strategy. Their thinking is that if they can inflict enough pain on the opposition in guise of people dying that that will cause the whole impeachment process to come to an end. They will make the case that we can’t even impeach Trump because people are dying. This is, of course, a completely fucked up, bonkers line of reasoning that comes more from House Trump believing its own FOX News coverage than anything else.

I find it dubious that if there was some sort of co-ordinated, violent and bloody attack on the part of MAGA truebelivers that average Americans would throw up their hands and give up on impeachment. What’s more likely to happen is the 60% of the population that isn’t MAGA would flip the fuck out. The political ground under the entire House Trump would buckle.

It would not happen right away. Republicans would for about 24 hours tell us all that they can’t be blamed for the actions of “mentally ill” people. The moment, however, that they started to say, “Of course we can’t impeach Trump if people are dying” is the moment they may, for once, face serious political consquences.

Remember there may come a point where the absolute fear of Republican Senators of being primaried from someone on the MAGA Right will equal their absolute fear that they won’t win a general election. It’s that type of high stakes conundrum that leaves me scratching my head. They have no shame and only care about power for power’s sake. So there’s a least a small chance that their high stakes gotterdammerung strategy might not QUITE work out the way they hope.

Who knows. I know I don’t.

The key point is the nation can’t sustain this state of crisis for any long duration of time. The fever is going to break one way or another. Either with people getting hurt or Trump finally be forced out of off, or maybe both. All I know is I hope no one gets hurt. But I’m not going to let insane Republicans cower me into submission either.