The Outline Collapsed AGAIN

by Shelt Garner

Well, it happened AGAIN. I realized I could make the outline for the novel I’m developing better and by doing so, I realized there was a huge structural problem and the whole thing collapsed. So, I’m not back to zero, but I’m at maybe 45% right now.

But I’m reading a number of books that will make this a really cool story once I get over myself and settle on some basic elements of its structure. But I still have a few days before I panic. I have given myself until about the July 4th weekend to wrap up the outline. Whatever I have at that point, I run with and start using to write, even if it’s not perfect — or finished.


Now to print out the smoldering wreckage of the outline again and look over it, struggling to figure out how I can fix the biggest problem of all — in the “fun and games” portion of the novel (the first half of the second act) — I need some fun and games. I need some investigation of some sort. I can’t have people just sitting around talking to teach other, ignoring the number of dead bodies that are piling up around them.

Something’s gotta give.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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