Moving From The Abstract Of Development To Writing Is Jarring

by Shelt Garner

As I keep saying, I have to plot everything out beforehand when I get ready to actually start writing. The one big thing I’ve noticed is how jarring moving from the abstract of development to actually writing the novel is.

And this happens in the context of trying to make sure I get as close to the 90,000-100,000 word count sweet spot as I can. (The issue of word count is something that weighs heavily on my mind. I really want to just write the story the way I want to, but the cold hard truth is every word beyond that sweet spot ups the ante on how well this novel is written.)

Anyway, I’m moving along quite quickly with the first draft of the novel. I still need to do a lot more reading, however. There’s a lot of nuance that I’m discovering I need as I start to write. But I think I’ve finally accepted that the first draft simply isn’t going to be perfect. In fact, it’s going to be really, really bad.

I have to give myself the right to “fail” with the first draft.

Regardless, today I continue to flesh out the scene summary for another chapter.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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