Trump’s Second Term

by Shelt Garner

Here are a few of the things that will happen in Trump’s stolen second term. Please remember, that even if somehow we miraculously get him out of office, any number of these things could happen later under the presidency of a “National Conservative.”

Leaving NATO
Trump has flirted with this idea repeatedly the last four years. And it seems as though once he’s safely in his stolen second term, this is something he will again turn his attention to. I could see some sort of surreal alliance with Russia taking place over the course of his second term.

Purge of Late Night Hosts
This is one of those things that will happen so quickly and ostensibly so mysteriously that the average person will be upset for a few days but ultimately go back to raising their kids and paying their mortgage. There might be a few protests in major cities, but ultimately all that will happen is the purged late night hosts will endup on a streaming service or a podcast. They will still be around, but their cultural relevancy will be greatly reduced.

Widespread Snatching of People
The snatching taking place in Portland will become common place across the country. People will simply vanish. Upon the first reports, there might be some concern, like there was with family separations at the border, but this will pass soon enough. Gradually, these abductions will become so common place that it will be just a fact of life that people accept. As Trump’s second term continues, the snatching will graduate to pushing people out of windows like they do in Russia. It will become, again, just another part of life.

Constitutional Convention
We are already extremely close to a Constitutional Convention as it is. I think it’s about five states away at this point. Trump will demand one because he believes its absolutely necessary to pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. He might even sell it to liberals by saying such a convention will take up the issue of the ERA while it’s at it. Of course, the vast majority of state legislatures — the government bodies that would pick attendees to this convention — are MAGA and so the whole thing will be an excuse to pass American Enabling Acts.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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