Countdown To American Fascism: ‘Vichy America’

by Shelt Garner

When major macro historical events happen, it’s often very difficult for the people living through them to understand what’s going on. This is the case with what’s happening in the United States. Several existential macro trends are happening all at once in American society, such that what’s really happening is almost complete obscured to us on an everyday basis.

The only thing I can compare modern America to is Vichy France. The French leadership in 1940 decided they would rather be “brown than red” and simply gave up when confronted with defeat at the hands of the Nazis. It makes a lot of sense now, but at the time, I suspect a lot your average Frenchmen were astonished at what was going on around them.

The key to understanding these macro trends is Trump. He’s the Rosetta stone for the fall of the American Republic. That Trump continues to have a base of about 40% is all you need to know about the rise of American Fascism. Trump is America’s Putin to an eerie extent. Or, put another way, if he’s not America Putin, he’s the guy who broke the seal on tyranny and allowed that person to come to power.

Really, the only thing stopping Trump from attaining the level of power that Putin has in Russia is, well, Trump. Trump is such a incompetent moron that all he can do is destroy the norms necessary to get us to the point that Mike Pompeo or Tom Cotton turns us into a fascist authoritarian “managed democracy.” On a macro level this is an absolute. Our fate is sealed. There’s no turning back.

What this means is, the Republican Party no longer sees democracy as legitimate and while Democrats are thinking of killer memes that “destroy” Trump on Twitter, the Republicans are assembling all the real-world tools they need to destroy democracy for the next 30 to 40 years, if not forever. It’s possible that this is it — whatever democracy arises from the ashes of the United States won’t be called the United States.

And, really, there’s very little we can do at this point. It’s all over but the shouting, as they say. Trump is going to brazenly steal the 2020 Election, call for a Constitutional Convention and then start pushing people out of windows in quick succession.

Something about Obama’s second term turned the Republican Party into rabid fascists. All you have to do is turn on Fox News any night and the level vitriol directed against anyone who stands in the way of The Dear Leader is pretty astonishing. Twitter liberals too often clutch their pearls and say, “Oh, that would never happen” because they have deluded themselves into thinking Republicans give a shit about anything but power and greed.

As I keep saying, we have to wait until the demographic trends of the Graying of American crosses the Browning of America at some point in the next 20 to 40 years before we have a chance to do anything about American Fascism. Fascism is here in America now. We’re a fascist state for no other reason than one of the two major political parties IS FASCIST.

I wish Republicans would embrace their status as fascists. Such unexpected honesty would make life easier for everyone involved. Then we wouldn’t have to quibble about what they really mean when they say the United States is a “Constitutional Republic.”

On a practical level, because of the Overton Window, what’s probably going to happen is Trump’s brazen theft of the 2020 Election will be seen as the final dead knell of the United States, even though the American textbooks of the future will likely say this happened when Trump was acquitted by the Senate. Once Trump realized he could get away with anything, the rest took care of itself.

Darkness has fallen. Really, at this point it’s just an issue of how long it takes before ICE begins pushing people out of windows like the Russians do. I predict that will begin to happen no later than 2023 if Trump doesn’t finally lose his shit. And maybe about 2025 if we have to wait until Mike Pompeo or Tom Cotton finishes the job Trump started.

I can’t predict the future, but the macro trends in the United States say this is absolutely going to happen. It’s cold hard fact of life. There’s no going back now.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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