Prediction: Election Night 2020 Will Be A Dud

by Shelt Garner

Liberal democracy in the United States is dead. We’re now nothing more than an autocratic managed democracy. We are Russia and Russia is us, at least on a political level.

We’re in the twilight of the First Republic. Soon enough Trumplandia will be officially founded and we’ll have about 40 years of fascist tyranny at the hands of House Trump ahead of us very, very soon.

I say this because all the macro trends point to it. For Trump to be this popular after being an “asshole” as former Vice Magazine Tim Pool would say, is a testament to how, on a structural level, the First Republic is kaput. It all happened very quickly, but in hindsight, the history books will go on at great length about how it was all very obvious how this was going to turn out.

There is a lot of sturm und drang on Twitter about what may or may not happen on Election Night and afterwards. But I’m of the opinion it’s all going to be a huge letdown. By the time it actually happens, most politically aware people will see that 2020 is going to be a replay of 2016.

Biden wins the popular vote and Trump squeaks by in just enough states that he wins the Electoral College and fuck you. Here is why I think this.

  1. The Russians
    The Russians are going to hack directly into our election systems, giving Trump a result identical to 2016. Maybe even a little bit better. The polls will tighten just enough that this will hide the ratfucking at the hands of Russian hackers. A lot of people will be left scratching their heads about the details, but Trump will still be in power and fuck you.
  2. Kanye West
    As part of the above electoral ratfucking, the Russians will move just enough votes to Kanye to give their hacking some cover. Trump and the Russians are now actively working together to steal the election so even if someone begins to question the outcome, we will never find out until it’s a moot point.
  3. The Durham Investigation
    This is going to be the Second Comey Letter of 2020. Really, the only issue at this point is will Barr get greedy and indict Biden and Obama directly, or will he somehow simply get so close to Biden that there is just enough of a whiff of criminality that Trump wins.

This doesn’t even begin to address postal service ratfucking.

I absolutely, 100% believe this is going to happen. I say this because we are so far down the road to tyranny that something pretty spectacular would have to happen for the final embrace of fascism not to happen. And if it doesn’t happen, there are a lot of bloodthirsty MAGA-Qanon people who are going to start murdering people in cold blood to make sure it DOES happen.

It’s kind of irritating that so many people are oblivious about our decent into autocratic managed democracy. They’re going to get really upset. So upset, that there might be massive protests, which House Trump will only use as an excuse to knock some heads.

We are completely, absolutely doomed. There’s no going back. There may be a few moments of false hope, but there’s absolutely no way House Trump is ever power for any reason. They would rather burn the country to the ground than let that happen.

So, lulz, nothing matters.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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