‘Nothing Matters’

by Shelt Garner

My favorite refrain these days is “Lulz. Nothing matters.” I say this not because I’ve given up hope, but because the usual recipient of this comment — Twitter liberals — are completely oblivious to The New Normal.

Trump has destroyed America. Or, at least, the America I once knew. We’re now an autocratic managed democracy, no better than Russia. If we want to change this, we’re going to have to risk things important to us in the real world, like our lives, our families and our careers. Simply making sound effects on Twitter isn’t going to cut it anymore.

MAGA-Qanon is out for blood and they’re going to stop at nothing to ensure that House Trump stays in power. They will destroy any norm, break any law, anything. They honestly don’t care about anything but maintaining power. And, remember, even in Putin’s Russia, there is the occasional big protest. But nothing changes.

The same is going to happen in the United States.

Trump could very well, at some point after he “wins” the election purge the media and Congress and or arrest Blue State governors and I simply don’t see anything happening. His supporters will cheer him on, in fact. That’s the type of person they thought they were getting in 2016, only he turned out to be an incompetent moron. But Interior Minister Bill Barr is going to fix any problems that the Russians hacking directly into our election systems doesn’t fix in advance.

Politics is dead in the United States and, really, the only issue at this point is how much Trump has to force the issue of his victory. The more difficult it comes, the more radical he’s likely to be when everything is all over with. Americans would REALLY have to shock me at this point.

All the metrics point to about 40 years of an autocratic managed democracy ahead of us. Only when the Baby Boomers finally drop dead will there be a slight chance that something might break the stranglehold House Trump has on the country. Even then, it’s going to be iffy.

I’m not a violent man. I’m a man of peace and ideas.

I’m just pointing out that the rules have changed an Twitter liberals haven’t noticed. The entire 260 year edifice of the First American Republic is no more. Trump is the state. The state is Trump.

Something pretty dramatic would have to happen — something I could never possibly predict — to prevent this absolute darkness possible scenario I can think up right now from happening.

It’s all over but the shouting.

Prove me wrong, fam.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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