‘The Big Ugly’

by Shelt Garner

This fall and winter are going to be ugly. Big Ugly. We have a spectrum ahead of us from Trump “winning” outright and turning us into a very poorly run autocracy to an outright implosion.

I say this because two things seem to be true — Biden for the time being is winning on a political level and autocrats never lose. So either TrumpBarr pull a rabbit out of a hat or the Russians hack directly into our election systems or whatever. Trump isn’t going to lose despite it seeming he should on a political level.

Either we fight back as Americans or we don’t. I have come to believe because of one crucial demographic — conservatives who aren’t MAGA — we’re going to lulz this. If we can’t get conserves who aren’t MAGA (but vote MAGA) to at least tacitly support any mass reaction against TrumpBarr’s upcoming coup, then, well, we’re doomed.

There might be some violence here and there like in 2016, but not the massive, rolling protests necessary to catch the attention of #MoscowMitch and others. All that is going to happen will be TrumpBarr will use the Insurrection Act to “deal” with what happened.

Please note, I’m not advocating any sort of revolution or civil war. I’m just saying autocrats never lose and we have to prepare ourselves for a new America where American Little Green Men push people out of windows and snatch people — like me! — off the street.

The bad guys are going to win. They’re going to win either by simple post-election message management or an outright coup. Something pretty significant has got to happen for me not to think this. Something really big.

Otherwise, get ready for The Big Ugly.

It’s going to be….ugly.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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