Trump’s Coming Extra-Political Theft of The 2020 Election

by Shelt Garner

As I continue to say, Joe Biden is, on a strictly political level, doing quite well. If this was any other election in the last 50 years or so, I would say one would be reasonably assured that Biden would win in something akin to a landside.

Unfortunately, Trump is an autocrat — if an incompetent one — and as such will never lose. Here are my current concerns as to how that “not losing” might happen.

  1. Foreign Hacking
    A lot of very powerful people all over the world are quite pleased with the shitshot that is the Trump Administration. As such, they have the means, motive and opportunity to hack directly into our election systems. Either we don’t find out and we just assume the polls were wrong again like in 2016 or we find out and it goes to SCOTUS and they decide any questions in favor of Trump.
  2. The Dead Hand of History
    TrumpBarr are not really acting like they intend to ever leave office for any reason. So, it definitely seems reasonable to believe that, well, they won’t. Whatever law they have to bend or twist, whatever norm they have to break — they will. They will do it in broad daylight and the entire edifice of the Republican Party will facilitate it.
  3. A Hunter Biden Deep Fake
    I have begun to hear a little bit of chatter about some sort of Hunter Biden sex tape within far Right Twitter. If a deep fake was to pop out, that’s how it would happen — we’d hear rumors about some sort of sex tape and then it would mysteriously pop out in such a way that its validity would still be up for debate on Election Day.
  4. Political Violence
    It seems very possible that MAGA-Qanon might flip the fuck out and start blowing shit up if they got the sense that Trump might not win a second term. This would serve as Trump’s Reichstag Fire, even though his own followers violence was the thing that gave him the cover to take “total control” via the Insurrection Act.
  5. Amy Coney Barrett
    The whole nomination and confirmation process associated with Barrett has the smell of coup to it. It definitely makes one believe that Republicans are so blinded by their craven need for power for power’s sake that once she gets on the bench and reverses the recent 4-4 vote at SCOTUS about mail-in ballots, that that will give TrumpBarr the self-confidence to attempt A Very American Coup even if Biden ostensibly wins in a landslide.
  6. A Very American Coup
    It definitely seems as though TrumpBarr see Amy Coney Barrett as their failsafe. Even if the Russians hack into our election systems, change votes and are “accidently on purpose” discovered doing so, TrumpBarr know that no matter what SCOTUS will vote in their favor if there’s any sort of dispute. Or, if all else fails, they can use any such debate to allow MAGA state legislatures name their own Electors — even though the Russians specifically fucked with our election systems to set such a situation up.

    Remember, the entire media industry is designed to create our reality and to assure Americans that they live in a free country. Even if TrumpBarr was extremely brazen with a coup, I have every reason to believe that CNN and The New York Times might acknowledge what was going on, but would do everything in their power to tell people to be passive and allow the coup to take place.

    As such, I think we’re fucked. Totally, completely fucked. The bad guys are going to win and we’re going to let them. We’re going to be no better than Putin’s Russia. People will get snatched off the street and pushed out of windows within months of Trump stealing the election. All signs point to this happening even if, on a strictly political level, Biden wins. It happened in 2000, and I have every reason to believe it will happen in 2020.

    Prove me wrong.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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