Post-Election Night 2020 Observations

by Shelt Garner

1. The Election Needs To Be Called NOW
Every moment the media narrative leaves any question about who the president is going to be, Trump gains in strength. So, in the end, when there’s a coup, that’s the thing we look back upon with regret.
2. Violence Is Coming
No matter who wins or when we call the election, there is going to be political violence, probably a lot of it. So much so that Trump will get his long-sought after Reichstag Fire. All we can do at this point is just try to manage what our reaction to it is.
3. We’re Not Prepared
The hard it is for TrumpBarr to use media narrative management to stay in office, the more insane TrumpBarr will become. My guess is before it’s over with, Trump is going to dox Electors on Twitter in hopes of intimidating them into voting for him.
4. Our Fate Is In Trump’s Hands
Trump has not only his fate — but the fate of the United States and potentially the entire human race in his hands at this point. He could single-handedly destroy the United States and, as such, destroy the post-World War 2 liberal order and cause, well, the end of the human race
5. Expect The Unexpected
Between now and January 20th, we’re likely to see a number of significant holy shit moments in quick succession. Everything from a coup, to a counter-coup to Trump fleeing the country to Biden being arrested by FBI Director Rudy. All I can say is it’s up to us what happens.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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