Twitter Liberals & The Conundrum of My Novel’s Female Romantic Lead

by Shelt Garner

Things are moving really fast now with the novel. After two years of development hell, I now know how to write a novel that won’t embarrass me. One thing I continue to think about deeply is the nature of the female romantic lead.

I want her to be a Twitter liberal, the kind that currently thinks I’m nothing more than a Internet crank. I want to, as a form of “punishment,”[Before you get too worked out about the use of the term “punishment here, future Twitter, I’m not Ben Shapiro. I really like most female Twitter liberals and I’m being self-deprecating. I’m only using the vague idea of a “Twitter liberal” being my female romantic lead because it bothers me that instead of seeing me for who I am, they want to put me on blast and make fun of me. This character is a chance to show them that if they gave me a chance, they might actually like me — or at least the me of 2006-2007 Seoul.] get such a person to fall in love with a my hero isn’t me, but someone I know (or maybe used to be in Seoul.)

So, I find myself thinking about what I know about Twitter liberals and what makes them tick. The problem, of course, is I really have to hold back on being, well, angry at Twitter liberals. Why will anyone root for my hero and female romantic lead to hook up if I obviously am angry at my female romantic lead?

As such, I’m going to really go out of my way to give her SOME, maybe A LOT, of redeeming qualities. Even though, of course, I secretly hold people like her in contempt for being so quick to judge me for my social media output.

Regardless, I gotta work faster.

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