#Novel Update

by Shelt Garner

Just in the last few days I’ve had a massive “Ah-ha!” moment. It’s so massive that I’m still sort of processing the implications of it all.

I feel like how Dan Ackroyd’s original Blues Brother script was, like, 300 pages and he used just the best bits for the produced movie. This, in a sense, has happened to me.

I now know how to tell this story.

It’s going to have a lot of really cool gadgets that put James Bond to shame. It’s going to have strong, complex female characters with flaws who are believable. I have a huge amount of reading to do to get that last bit done, however.

But, in general, I have a profound sense of relief.

I’m actually going finish a novel. It’s taken me three years, but if nothing else, I’m going to actually finish the first draft of a novel that doesn’t embarrassment me pretty soon.

I say this knowing that a civil war could erupt at any moment and all my plans will be thrown up in the air, to say the least.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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