The First Draft Of The Novel Is Beginning To Consolidate Up To About Chapter 4

by Shelt Garner

Though there are some gaps here and there, I’m just about to consolidate the novel up to the 4th chapter. Things are moving really, really fast right now. I continue to graze a lot of books about how to write and develop novels — in addition to general books to help with development of characters — and I’m feeling pretty stoked.

As I’ve mentioned, there is at least one potential existential issue with the novel — when it’s set. It’s taken me so fucking long to get to this point that the (first?) Trumplandia Era is over (for the time being.) Given that Doofus Trump is going to CPAC this year, it definitely seems as though he’s running again and that particular issue will be solved. It will be solved in the sense that Trump’s not going anywhere and there are going to be plenty of regular readers who will want to read my “Atlas Shrugged for liberal-progressives.” (Though this is an extremely simplistic description of what’s going on.)

One thing I keep gradually drifting towards is throwing all my time at the novel. No one reads this blog and the only reason to write anything on it anymore is I’m paying for the domain name and sometimes I need to vent. And sometimes I get drunk and just feel like writing something, anything, that isn’t novel related.

But I continue to seethe about what happened during the Trump Era, so I here I am — I have all the energy necessary to develop and write a decent 100,000+ word novel set just as the “Before Times” were about to end and the pandemic was about to fuck everything up.

Anyway, I have to keep going. I need to move faster.

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