Lyric Writing Musings

by Shelt Garner

I find myself feeling pretty good about the novel I’m working on. It’s not perfect and I’m just (again) at just about the end of the first act, but things are stable enough with it that I’m allowing myself to blow off some steam by writing song lyrics that will never, ever be performed.

But I think what’s going on is I like the challenges associated with at least TRYING to sell a pop song. I’m going to have to learn guitar, maybe buy some mixing equipment. And I’m going to have to study what makes a great pop song.

So, I find myself listening to the likes of Ariana Grande and….oh boy.

She can’t possibly be the horney little minx she tries to come off as. I guess the only reason why that is even an issue is her image is of a pre-teen. For her to be so raunchy in her songs…I mean…come the fuck on.

Anyway, one thing is clear about pop songs is they have to be open enough to interpretation that people can imbue the lyrics with their own, personal meanings. That’s what makes writing a pop song that isn’t 70s KISS song so difficult.

You have to both convey a lot of information but also the information is so vague in real terms that no one really knows what you’re talking about. But I think as a little bit of a treat to myself I may write a few song lyrics tonight just to stimulate that part of my mind after a long time of not doing so.

I’m well aware the whole thing is stupid since, like, what’s the point? But it is enjoyable in its own way to attempt to sort of write proto song lyrics that I might one day use as the basis for REAL song lyrics.

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