Of Developing The Other 4 Novels In This Thriller Series

by Shelt Garner

Ok. I’ve pretty much figured out the plot of the first novel in what is meant to be a five novel thriller series. (I don’t know if you can really call these novels “thrillers” but that’s the genre that they’re closest too.) Anyway, now to plunge into the other four novels.

The last two novels — which make up the original story I worked on for a few years before Trump choked on me and couldn’t establish Trumplandia — are probably the best thought out. But there was a reason I shelved them for a while — the story was great but also way too packed full of plot.

I’m hoping that went I look at the plot of those last two novels with fresh eyes that the development will zoom a lot quicker because I might be more willing to radically change the story as necessary to actually finish something, anything.

Then there are two novels in the series where I have beginnings and ends but a huge hole where everything else should be. Fleshing out these two novels is going to be a real struggle. At least I know how the start and end. And I have the general conventions of a thriller I can use to help me.

These five novels depict events that take place over the course of a generation. The entire thing is pretty great. The overall arc of the five novels is everyone wants to control my interpolation of the Lisbeth Salander troupe and it’s done in the context of a Oliva Munn-looking woman who loves the Salander-like woman like a daughter over the course of the years.

But really need to stop talking about writing and start writing. Yet, some of all of this is me processing in the back of my mind how I’m going to work out plot points. And letting off steam while drunk.

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