Things Keep Getting Better With This First Thriller In A 5 Novel Project

by Shelt Garner

My pause in writing continues to provide benefits. Things are getting a lot better with the latter part of the first novel in this planned five novel project. There’s going to come a point when I’m going to use this pause to work again on developing the other novels.

I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed by this project, but that’s what I wanted. And, yet, I have to manage my expectations. There are so many things that could still go wrong. And I have to be realistic — I can’t very well will five novels into existence, and sell them, if I can’t even finish a first draft of the first novel.

I’m hoping this is my third hat trick. My first hat trick was at the VPA. My second was while I was in Seoul. I figure I can manage a third. I just have to buckle down and actually do the work.

And “doing the work” involves doing a lot of reading and re-reading. I’ve done some reading already, but I have to keep at it. I hate how fast time goes when you’re 39 and holding.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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