Of Bill Maher & Fox News

by Shelt Garner

Bill Maher these days is someone who Fox News loves, loves, loves to hold up and say, “If you’ve lost Bill Maher…” when that’s just fucking bullshit. Maher is a libertarian who is more anti-MAGA than he is center-Left.

Yet the obsession that the MAGA New Right has with pointing out Maher’s disillusionment with some elements of the center-Left, especially the “woke cancel culture mob” aspect of it, grows more and more grating by the moment. Which, of course, is the point — Fox News wants to smugly troll the center-Left by alleging that one of the Left’s own has abandoned them.

This is complete bullshit.

I will note, in passing, that while I’m definitely not a libertarian, I do share with Maher one thing: I’m far more anti-MAGA than I am Leftist. In fact, there are parts of the Left that I fucking hate. And, yet, the center-Left, in general, is far, far more fact based than the modern American center-Right and, as such, that particular choice has been made for me.

Anyway, lulz.

It’s not like we can do anything about any of this. The two sides are receding from each other at a historic rate. America is either going to slip peacefully into an autocracy or we’re going to have a civil war.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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