That Time I Was The Villain

by Shelt Garner

They say we’re all the villain in someone else’s story and I’m definitely the villain when most people retell the story of ROKon Magazine. And now that I’m transitioning from the first draft to the second draft of this first novel in a planned six novel project, it’s occurred to me bleed on the page.

I’m going to draw heavily from what happened between me and Annie Shapiro when things were at their worst. Doing this breaths breath into a character that previously was more of an idea than a character. If I imbue this one character I’m thinking with with who I was in late 2006 – early 2007 when I was at my worst then they’re not just a character, they’re a person.

So, things are finally falling into place. It definitely seems as though the second draft of this novel is going to be a quantum leap better. I’m very pleased. I need to really get into the details of the second book now that the first book is really beginning to come together.

Annie Shapiro and I during the good old days in Seoul.

All of this a far, far more work than I ever imagined going into this process. And, yet, that’s why I started working on a novel. I wanted to be overwhelmed by creativity.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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