The Cassidy Hutchinson Conundrum

by Shelt Garner

On one hand, Cassidy Hutchinson has a clear path to some sort of eventual high profile role in the media. And, yet, there are problems, complications to what seems a sure bet.

Cassidy Hutchinson

One, at this moment, I can’t promise you the country is going to stay together long enough for her to do it. We could very well have a civil war or a “national divorce,” if you will, and that, by definition will make her move into the media world moot. And, who knows, if we go the other direction into autocracy, she could be sorely punished if that autocrat is Trump.

If that autocrat is Ron DeSantis, however, I could see him being so happy that she knocked Trump out of the 2024 race that he gives a very, very high up job and that will be that.

Which brings up the crux of the conundrum surrounding Ms. Hutchinson — she’s MAGA. It was only because of that extremely fucked up things that she saw that she finally broke with Trump — but she’s still conservative. So, before the MAGA gets too excited that she’s a Judas who will endup on MSNBC — she’s just as likely to endup in as Press Secretary for President DeSantis as she is to get a job with the “liberal media.”

So, I guess, the point is — the jury is still out as to which direction she goes. She definitely has a lot of potential in the media world and she’s very young. She has her whole life ahead of her. I’m just afraid the country won’t last long enough for her to have the opportunity to show us what she’s capable of.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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