Tove Lo Continues To Impress Me & She Should Collaborate With Taylor Swift

by Shelt Garner

Rumor has it that Taylor Swift has an unreleased rock album called “Karma.” It makes me very sad that such a thing might exist and we will never get to hear it. But, barring the release of that mythical album, I wish Tay-Tay would collaborate with Tove Lo.

Tove Lo

Tove Lo is really, really good. She has a knack for producing a dance pop rock song. She’s produced banger after banger. And Tay-Tay would benefit greatly from tapping into Tove Lo’s edge and come out with an album that was not, exclusively, fan service.

Tay-Tay is so obsessed with fan service that she’s kind of put herself in a creative corner. Neither she nor her fanbase are getting any younger and there’s going to come a point when she hits 40 and she’s still producing really popular music…that only serves her millions of now-very adult female fans. While I often say Tay-Tay is the exact center of pop culture, she serves a very, very narrow spectrum of listeners.

And, to date, that has serve her well. It’s just annoying for me, someone who doesn’t fit her core fan base. Tay-Tay has exceptional ear for writing a pop song and if she teamed with Tove Lo I think they could produce an album that would knock things out of the park.

But what do I know. I’m a middle aged CIS white male. Part of the patriarchy. I shoudl shut up and never say anything about anything — especially Taylor Swift.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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