Well, This Novel I’ve Come Up With Makes ME Happy

by Shelt Garner

One of the reasons I love this universe I’ve come up with for these planned six novels is, of course, they are pretty much my personal history garbled and re-arranged for the purposes of narrative. So, of course I love this universe — I AM THIS UNIVERSE.

I’m not quite done with the outline — I still pretty much have to flesh out the second half — but what I have finished is shaping up to be a very breezy, easy read. It’s interesting and I think it will be such a fast read that you will want to finish it as soon as possible.

Now, I have to admit that because the first three novels don’t have a Lisbeth Salander character that they’re much more Mare of Easttown than Stieg Larsson’s writing. But the story itself is still really interesting. It’s just not the story I originally planned on writing when this project began.

But the sexxy stuff does happen later in the series — the last three books are very much closer to what Larsson wrote. But I want to show the reader how things go so fucked up in this place I’ve thought up. I think, in the end, if I can get people hooked with the first novel that the whole thing will have a very satisfyingly ending.

At least, that’s the goal of all of this. That the first book will be good enough that people will want to know what happens next with the characters and they’ll read all six books and see the macro arch of things. That’s the dream.

I, of course, have a massive amount of work to do to make that dream a reality. That was the whole point of this project from the beginning — I wanted to overwhelm myself. Now to finish the outline of the first novel and begin writing it.

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