Of Character & The Second Novel In This Six Book Project

by Shelt Garner

I’m thinking a lot about character as I game out the plot of this second novel in the series. It’s really doing wonders for my mood that I’m working on a different novel instead of the first novel. I can feel myself relaxing. I will note as an aside that I saw someone on Twitter joking about how all they do is “think” about writing.

Things are moving forward.

Well, to me, as long as you’re thinking about plot, character and then you write it down as necessary then, yes, since you’re doing development, that’s fine. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself.

And, what’s more — remember, there is no reveled truth as to how to develop and write a novel. Whatever works for you, do it. As long you write something anything and finish it. (Then, of course, you have to re-write it a few times.)

Anyway, things are moving well with the second novel. And really, it’s just an issue of doing a lot of, well, thinking, then sitting down and gaming out an outline that I will, once I actually start writing the thing, change totally. But having some sort of outline fleshed out gives me a pleasant since of accomplishment.

My ultimate fear, of course, is that I’m not getting any younger. I really need to produce something, anything sooner rather than later. And there’s still a very good chance that my life is going to randomly be blown up out of the blue and I’m going to have to adjust my creative life accordingly.

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