The Paradox Of Developing 6 Novels At Once

by Shelt Garner

Here is where things stand with these six novels I’m working on. Something about the enormity of the project is inspiring. I think what it is, is, I’ve decided that rather getting too worked up about any one specific book, I’m going to bounce around as needed.

That was what was going on a few days ago when I hit a part of the first novel and I realized I just was not prepared to keep going. The character uses POV I was about to write a scene in was nothing more than a mood. I didn’t know anything about their motivation or goals, or anything.

So, I said, “Fuck it.”

Now the plan is to go through the character list of all six novels and flesh out the individual characters so I will know their motivations and goals well before I get anywhere near to using them. I think the issue of developing character is probably the key issue of all of this.

I have to understand these characters if I’m going to reach the storytelling ability that I want, that I believe I can. That’s probably the issue that I struggle with the most. For much of the time I’ve been working on this project, I’ve been so focused on story that I haven’t really thought as much as I should on character.

I have a number of books that I’m reading about character that are helping me improve this particular element of what’s going on. Anyway. The key issue is to not “run hot” or burn out. And I think if I see these six novels as one huge story and bounce around as necessary to keep things interesting then I’ll be able to finish the project before I drop dead.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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