Well, Now What

by Shelt Garner

Everything is going well with this first novel. And, yet, now that I’m just about to begin to flesh out the second half of the novel’s outline, I find myself with something of a conundrum. I have a general idea of how the story ends, and yet, I don’t.

I am really struggling with how to keep the story going. The story hasn’t collapsed as has happened so many times before, but I definitely am at a loss as to what to do at the moment. I think what I’m going to do is distract myself. I’m going to do some much neglected reading. I have a small library of books I haven’t read yet and I think if I just let my mind get preoccupied with something other than the problem at hand, then I should be able to solve it soon enough.

I feel like there’s something obvious that I’m missing. I think the thing I’ve really improved lately is character development. For way too long, I was interested in plot without really thinking about fleshing out character. But I think I have a much, much better understanding of character now. My storytelling ability has improved significantly.

Another thing I might do is turn my attention to one of the other books in the series. I know that’s dumb because I should focus all my attention on the first book, but I love development too much to stop doing it altogether. It would be nice to be able to switch gears for a few days an develop something that was still in the same universe. That might get my creative juices for the rest of the second half of the first novel going.

I think I just need a few days to clear my mind. Once I look at the second half of the novel with fresh eyes, the solutions to my current problems will probably be quite clear. At least, that’s the hope.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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