Why Ron DeSantis is Sending Undocumented Immigrants to Blue States

by Shelt Garner

Without even checking, I can tell you that my Traditionalist relatives are probably overjoyed with Ron DeSantis’ dick move where he sent undocumented immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s simple to understand and the moment they realized what he was doing, they probably shouted for joy. The reason is the “idea” of doing such a dick move plays into their preconceived media narrative.

Ron DeSantis

It doesn’t matter what actually happens — the libs have been owned and they feel smug that liberal hypocrisy over the “border crisis” has, at last, been exposed. And if all else fails, they will willfully accept any lie that MAGA Republicans may happen to concoct about what happened.

And I would note that if you look closely at Ron DeSantis’ expression whenever he talks about what he did, he looks pretty much exactly like my Traditionalist relative whenever we get into a political debate. So, in their eyes he looks “strong” in the face of evil libtards who want everyone to turn gay. It doesn’t matter how real any of it is — that’s what they see.

I guess what I’m trying to say is — things are very dire for what’s left of American democracy. It’s interesting to me that I go out of my way to tell my Traditionalist relatives that they “just have to be patient” and they’re going to get everything they want politically — and that is STILL not enough to calm them down.

They have been so conditioned by the Right wing echo chamber to feel aggrieved for the slightly slight that they are pretty much totally disconnected from reality. Anything that doesn’t fit their media narrative is “bogus.” They believe what they believe and that’s that. So, in a sense, American politics is now dead and we’re all simply waiting to see if we have a civil war, turn into an autocracy or have some sort of military junta.

Now one thing that is darkly comical about all of this is my Traditionalist relatives — whom I love dearly — have told me that they have one red line: political violence. So as long as we peacefully become an autocracy, they won’t mind.

Then, of course, there is the real Red Line — the personal. I’m something of a kook and I’ve had the luxury of living in a Western democracy all my life where I can get drunk and shoot off at the mouth if I feel like it. And I have made it clear to my Traditionalist relatives that I absolutely refuse to shut the fuck up. So, in the end, if DeSantis becomes POTUS and we endup becoming a Russia clone because of that….they’re going to have to figure out how to get me out of an ICE camp.

That will be fun.

The great irony is, of course, that Trump still hasn’t gotten out of the way. It’s very possible that DeSantis could even get the nomination and Trump bolts to the Patriot Party and we have a three way clusterfuck in 2024. Again we’re past the Even Horizon for some seriously fucked up shit between now and spring 2025. If you have the means, begin to game out your escape plan.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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