I’m Worried About What Will Happen Should Trump Be Booked– But I’m Not THAT Worried

by Shelt Garner

As always in the Trumplandia Era, everything now hinges on what ding-dong Trump does next. Which is, of course, what that malignant idiot craves. He always want to be the center of attention.

The issue is — even though I’m beginning to think this week may be historic but ultimately rather uneventful, all Trump has to do is bumrush Twitter with a series of tranasctional tweets and everything will change. If that happened, then an already tense situation would grow into a full blown crisis.

We are already in something of a down low crisis, but it’s still manageable because it doesn’t seem as though my worst case scenario is going to happen. At the worst, Trump just doesn’t show up and he avoids New York State for a while until there’s some sort of agreement.

Of course, there is a greater-than-zero chance that, by definition, Trump getting booked could cause a riot around the courthouse where all of this is taking place. But the fact that it would be happening in New York City makes me feel better because any violence would be very narrow in area. (I hope.)

And we still don’t know for a fact that Trump is actually going to get indicted. Trump does tend to have a way of wiggling out of whatever problem he might be up against.

But let me be clear — history is yet again in Trump’s tiny-tiny hands. If he just lays low for the next few days, then that’s a lot different situation than if he freaks the fuck out and comes back to Twitter to expound upon his fascist and self-preserving fears.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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