A Hot Take On Trump’s Mugshot

by Shelt Garner

Soon enough, one won’t be able to figure out the politics of someone wearing a shirt with Trump’s mugshot on it. Either you’re wearing it in support of Trump, or you’re wearing it ironically to remind people of its existence.

But Trump’s mugshot is yet another indication of how we’re rushing towards Something Bad in late 2024, early 2025 because it reminds us of how far apart the two sides are.

The key issue is, of course, who wins the 2024 election.

If Trump wins the 2024 election — as I believe he will — then, lulz, people like me will be so busy worrying about avoiding being sent to a weaponized ICE camp that we won’t really have much time to think about anything else. But if Trump somehow manages to lose — which I find farfetched — then there is a very real possibility of a civil war.

A lot of all of this rests on what the reaction of state Republican Parties. If Trump loses and begins to rant about the need for a National Divorce so he doesn’t go to prison, do they listen to him? Are we really so divided that that is even a possibility? The Right sure would like to have us think that is a possibility, but I dunno.

The idea that the wealthiest, most powerful nation in the world would implode over the fate of a ding-dong like Trump is a bit much. And, yet, here we are. Even during the recent Republican primary debate the notion of a “cold civil war” got slipped in a few times because it was a way to stroke the base.

But as I keep saying, they say you go bankrupt gradually, then all at once and we at least SEEM to be in the “gradually” part of that equation. The Right is beginning to believe that they can’t get a fair shake politically for their fascist Nazi views and because of the deep echo of the First Civil War in the minds of a lt of white Southerners, well, there you go.

The whole situation is fucked up. There are no easy answers. And for the time being, we just have to wait and see. Though, I have to say, whenever I find myself looking at content from the MAGA echo chamber, I’m not exactly encouraged that this Union can be saved if Trump loses in 2024.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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