Thinking Outside The Box

by Shelt Garner

Things are going really well with this third draft of the novel, but for one thing. I continue to think of different ways to make the story “better” which slows me down. I still want to wrap up the first three chapters by Dec. 1st, but the holiday season is here and that means mass chaos in my personal life.

The president of Hollywood is breathing down my neck to finish this novel before I croak.
But I am feeling for more focused on energized of late. I can feel the tick-tock of age in the back of my mind and I have to hurry the fuck up. I’m officially behind Stieg Larsson, who was published at 50.

I have another problem — even if I stick the landing with the novel, I could languish for years in the querying process. A lot will depend on luck. I suppose if ding-dong Trump gets a second chance at being an American Autocrat, that some of the anti-extremism themes found in this projected six novel series might resonate.

But the issue is — I have to get this fucking thing done sooner rather than later.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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