Finally Reached The End Of The First Act Of The Third Draft of My First Novel

by Shelt Garner

Months past when I thought it would happen, I finally reached the end of the first act of the third draft of my first novel. Now, things should move far faster because I’ve pretty much written the remainder of this story twice before and know it really well.

The problem was for months was I did not know what type of new relationships I wanted in the third draft. So, I kept spinning my wheels. Finally, however, things have clicked and I understand a new, improved vision for the story. Of course, I’ve changed the first act so much that I now have to go through and change a lot of the rest of the novel to accommodate it.

But, we’ll see. I hope that I can zoom through the rest of the novel to the point that I can finish at least an Alpha Release of the third draft by around April 1st. Then, I will go through and make things consistent and work on fleshing out characterizations.

I’m feeling pretty good, all things considered. I still hope to start work on some backup stories using the skillset I’ve come up with during the last few years of hard work on this novel.

I really want to make a living as a novelist / screenwriter from here on out.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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