Now, To Take A Deep Breath

by Shelt Garner

Now that I may, in fact, finally, finally, FINALLY be in the second act of the third draft of my first novel, I have to take a very deep breath. I’ve decided that I’m going to game out the character arc of the secondary characters in the novel.

That seems to be the only way I’m going get anything done. I also have to be prepared to throw a lot of the existing specifics of the story up in the air and just see what happens.

But, as I keep saying, I have something of a time limit. I still am shooting for some time in April for the Third Draft of this novel to be finished and ready to go. I fear if I don’t give myself a really tight deadline, that things will slip another year and, what do I know, we could have a civil war/ revolution by that point.

(Not that I really think that is going to happen.)

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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