Is The Whole ‘Men Wearing Skirts’ Thing A Lark Or A Sea Change?

by Shelt Garner

There’s an old magazine joke that goes something along the lines of a reporter noticed two different men in NYC wearing their right slacks pants rolled up and they wrote a “trend” story about this. I think of this when I see only two examples of dudes wearing skirts in public.

Two men wearing skirts does not a trend make.

I’m more curious about why Tucker Carlson hasn’t freaked the fuck out about this possible “trend” than I am if it’s a trend in the first place. While I will admit it’s a bit unnerving to see a dude wearing a skirt unironically, I’m more concerned about America’s decent into autocracy to worry about it.

So, the question I have is — is it only a matter of time before what I fear will happen — the MAGA New Right using “dudes wearing skirts” as a wedge like CRT, “cancel culture,” and being “woke” begins to take off? Have the idiots of Fox News’ primetime lineup just not gotten around to noticing this has happened a few times?

The moment they do, I fear “dudes wearing skirts” will be another bow in the quiver of MAGA as we go into the 2022 political season. All that needs to happen is Tucker Carlson to rant about it one night and then Trump to ramble about it in a speech and then away we go.

In a sane world, this would be a non-issue because so what if a dude wears a skirt? But we don’t live in a sane world and so it may be just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose.

Wait What? The Rise Of Men Wearing Skirts

by Shelt Garner

We live in very strange times. You would think the pings now and again of men wearing skirts in public would make the culture warriors of the Right apoplectic but so far we’ve hard nary a peep out of them. And, yet, here we are. Two male public figures have started to wear skirts in public and for me, just a good old boy from Southside Virginia, it’s taking a little bit of getting used to.

Let’s play fashion police with what we’ve seen. The first dude to wear a skirt is someone you might expect — Crooked Media’s Jon Lovett. While disconcerting, he’s just the type of dude one might expect would be so “fashion forward” as to wear a skirt. Though, it is amusing that he seems to still be getting used to wearing one.

And, it seems, Lovett is growing more flamboyant in the type of skirts he wears. The last time I saw him in a skirt was on The Late Show. Strangely enough, at least in those portions of the interview I saw of the Crooked Media guys by Stephen Colbert, the fact that a dude was wearing a skirt wasn’t mentioned or reference once. (To be fair, I didn’t watch the entire interview, so it’s possible that did happen and I just didn’t see it.)

Anyway, the other dude wearing a skirt is none other than Brad Pitt of all people. But, I will note, the skirt he wore to the Bullet Train premiere fits into his Dude Bro image and was far more masculine in its style. Two things of note — it took me a little while to figure out he was, in fact, wearing a skirt and also high end fashion designers have been trying to get men to wear skirts for decades, generations even.

Anyway, lulz, nothing matters. I’m more concerned that as we enter the 2022 politically silly season that the rabid, hysterical MAGA New Right cocksuckers are going to latch on to the “dudes wearing dresses” trend as yet another wedge issue that I have to roll my eyes at.