Germany & Trump’s Quid Pro Quo With The Russians For Direct Hacking Into Our Election Systems

by Shelt Garner

I have no inside information. I’m just some rando in the rural part of a “purple” flyover state who is paying attention. That Trump is so determined to pull 1/3 of our troops out of Germany right before the 2020 Election is a pretty brazen bit of skulduggery on his part.

Any crime needs three parts: means, motive and opportunity.

So, let’s go through these to show how completely obvious what it going on between Trump and Russia is right now.

Trump is calling Putin, on average, once every two weeks right now. He has the means to talk to Putin about hacking directly into our election systems, as does Putin to do the hacking.

Trump has already proven that he’ll do anything necessary to win. He has half a dozen different ways he plans to steal the election the fall — at least. So it what else would Trump do but ask Putin to help him out in a very direct way win the election. And what’s the best way for Trump to win, no matter what? Russians hack our election systems and hide it so well that we either never find out our don’t find out until Trump has so consolidated power that it’s politically meaningless.

Again, on Trump’s side, he talks to Putin all the time. On Putin’s side, the Republicans are begging any and everyone they can think of to fuck with our elections because they’re all fucking fascists who crave power for power’s sake.

Things have grown rather surreal within the MAGA Republican echo chamber. They rather breezily look forward to the Durham Investigation indicting the entire Obama Administration at some point between now and Election Day. So, it makes a lot of sense that all that matters is Trump remains in power. That’s all. That’s literally all they care about — The Dear Leader staying in power.

And, as I said, even if we somehow figure out this quid pro quo, it would have to be before the Electors vote. Otherwise, lulz, it would go down the memory hole and the Russians will simply keep doing it election after election.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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