President Mattis?

by Shelt Garner

We are careening towards a constitutional crisis the likes of which we’ve never seen for the simple reason that MAGA Republicans don’t see democracy as legitimate anymore. So all bets are off should Biden overcome a series of pretty huge obstacles to actually been sworn in as president in January.

Before I go any further, let me make it clear — Trump is throwing everything he has at the 2020 election so it’s not free and fair. And he’s doing it in a rather brazen fashion to such an extent that he actually wraps up his “victory” if not on election night, then soon afterwards.

Yet make no mistake, Trump is going to steal the election.

In fact, the likelihood that Trump leaves office for any political reason is equal to the likelihood he was ever going to get convicted by the Senate — 0. So all of this is just a fantasiam, a bit of mental masturbation.

But let’s just play pretend. Somehow, after about three months of repeated cliffhangers, we have the final cliffhanger — now that we’ve managed to get the Electoral College to vote for the popular vote winner Biden, what is Trump and MAGA going to do about it?

Well, they’re going to freak out.

Trump’s criminality and his insanity will fuse and he’ll drop any number of huge bombs on the situation. If he hasn’t ready, he may indict Biden direction then try to work out some agreement whereby in exchange for dropping the charges on Biden, we let him off scot free. Or something. There will be rolling MAGA political violence across the country.

But, in the end, the issue will be the military. The military may have to step in after 240 years of avoiding it. As such, we might find ourselves in some pretty surreal situations.

I could see something like Gen. Mattis being named president by the Electors in some sort of Grand Compromise that would avoid a civil war and allow the country to calm down enough to try to punt the situation down the road until the 2022 midterms. And that’s a best case scenario!

The worst case scenario is even the military would be divided and we would have a limited civil war as MAGA ratchets up the violence in an attempt to make it clear that any outcome that doesn’t involve House Trump ending up on top isn’t going to be seen as valid by 38% of the electorate.

Somewhere in that same spectrum would be a Unity Government of some sort, where by maybe Biden gets to be president only on the condition that, say, Ivanka is Biden’s veep. Biden is old, after all, and that might be enough for House Trump to extremely reluctantly abide by a Grand Compromise.

Anyway, again, the issue is the United State is no longer a liberal democracy. We’re a fascist state. The bad guys have won and they’re going to start snatching people off the street when they’re not pushing them out of windows.

Countdown To American Fascism: The Final Pivot

by Shelt Garner

The thing that Twitter liberals are so oblivious about is about 38% of the electorate is so afraid of the Browning of America (and other things) on an existential level that they eagerly await the ice cold embrace of autocratic rule. So, in a sense, the worst nightmare of myself and Twitter liberals is their dream. MAGA believes that only through autocratic rule can they prevent the Browning of America, bring back high paying jobs for poorly educated men and get women to date men they previously would not date.

Or something.

The point is, it is such a law of nature at this point that Trump is going to brazenly steal the election with the ardent support of 38% of the electorate that we need to start thinking of about this new normal and how people who oppose MAGA fit into it.

The time for scoring points on Twitter is over. Twitter is not the real world. If Twitter liberals don’t stop conspicuously gnashing their teeth on online and start figuring out what to do in the real world where their lives, careers and families are at stake and at risk, then, well, lulz. The key thing to remember is once Trump steals the 2020 election, he’s likely to move pretty quickly to consolidate power.

Form follows function, so the first step would be a overall purge of the media of anti-Trump voices via various and sundry methods. Once the “fake news” is no more, then the whole snatching people off the street and pushing them out the window thing can commence because, lulz, how are people going to find out about it?

This raises the question — what will the final MAGA piviot be? When they finally feel “America is great again,” how exactly is that going to play out?

Well, probably what is going to happen on a individual level is a lot of arguments on social media will simply end with MAGA people saying, “You’d better be quiet if you know what’s good for you.” Of course, there’s a very good possibility that not even that will have the opportunity to happen because Facebook — and Twitter — may have become arms of the government and they will restrict what you can and can’t say on social media.

The thing that a lot of Twitter liberals are going to have to begin looking at is Russia. Right now, if Russia’s Far East, there are massive protests because Putin’s thugs arrested a governor. But, in real terms, nothing is happening and nothing will. Putin still has power and fuck you.

So, that’s what’s going to happen in the States gradually (or maybe not so gradually) in Trump’s stolen second term. Throw in a Constitutional Convention that passes American Enabling Acts and, lulz, House Trump will finally consolidate near-absolute power and finally turn America into the white ethno-state all their MAGA sycophants have longed for.

Legal immigration has already been cut in half, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t be cut down to near zero after Trump steals the election. They might let a few white au pairs in, but that’s about it. Rich people gotta raise their kids, you know.

But back to the issue at hand.

The ICE Camps will begin to be filled up with Twitter liberals and people like me. We will have a very extensive camp system that we only hear about via foreign news sources like the BBC.

I used to think American weren’t Russians, but not anymore.

We’re Russians.

America As Fourth Reich

by Shelt Garner

The United States is now a successor state to Nazi Germany. I say this because if it’s this much of a struggle to convenience a very passionate and organized 38% of the population that it’s a bad idea to re-election Trump, then, well, it’s over. The bad guys have won.

For the last five years, since Trump came down the escalator to announce his candidacy, I have been ranting about how Trump is an “existential threat to the Republic.” Well, I was right. The Republic is dead. No meme that Twitter liberals thought up “destroyed” House Trump. The courts never came to our rescue. In fact, no one came to our rescue. We really should just rename the United States, “Trumplandia.”

The thing about fascism is form follows function. So, it’s not some big mystery how everything will shake out in the end. And just because Ivanka is Jewish, I wouldn’t hold your breath about MAGA not turning its sights on Jewish people. They have already done this here and there and Trump’s not going to live forever. It could very well be that my calling America the Fourth Reich is nowhere near the hyperbole you might think right now.

One way or another, because autocrats never lose, Trump will “win” re-election. The, only because he’s a very incompetent fascist, a series of easy-to-predict events will happen that will allow House Trump to consolidate power. There will be a Constitutional Convention at some point soon after Trump steals the 2020 Election and American Enabling Acts will be passed because, lulz, Republicans’ abstract fears of Godless progressives destroying the sanctity of marriage is stronger than they’re willingness to defend liberty.

Really, at this point, the issue is how broad the sweep will be by ICE / PACT when they start snatching people off the street and putting them in camps across the country. Will it be a few thousand notable NeverTrumpers and former Obama Administration officials, or a far broader and deeper dragnet. This will most likely happen just after Trump has gotten German Industrialists to purge the free press. How are people going to get upset about it if they don’t know about it to begin with?

Before you say I’m being delusional or one of those libtards who thinks “Orange Man Bad,” let me point out that every night on FOX News the implications is that “someone needs to go to jail” the “spying” on the Trump campaign in 2016. (Also, if you are reading this and thinking I’m just saying “Orange Man Bad” please fuck off you shithead piece of shit.)

Anyway, I say all of this because I feel Twitter liberals are delusional. Twitter is not real life. Most people have only the vaguest notion of the political world. As long as they can raise their kids and pay their mortgage, they’re happy. And, really, they are likely not even to notice the abrupt change of evening news anchors or late night talk show hosts. “Who has time for politics?” is what they will think.

The only way they might finally, finally notice the new political clusterfuck hellscape they live in is if it gets personal. If they make a previously innocuous crack online and find themselves in the back of a van on their way to be tortured or murdered. Then they might fucking have some time for politics.

This is an existential issue and as such, it comes from existential problems in the United States. Really, I would say the seeds of America’s destruction were sown at the end of WW2. The Baby Boomers were such a huge demographic group that it was inevitable that as they grew older and more conservative that the country would, too. In hindsight, it’s obvious we were going to turn into a fascist state at some point between 2016 and 2024. It’s pure macro demographics.

As such, we have a sold 20 to 40 years of fascism ahead of us. We’re going to leave NATO, ally with Russia and change the Constitution so any pretense of being a liberal democracy will end.

This is our new normal. There may be a little bit of a pause in this immutable march towards fascism should Trump go completely bonkers at just the wrong time in the next few months, but that’s just a liberal fever dream. Trump will steal the election and then be succeeded by a series of strong men and or House Trump members.

At some point, about 40 years from, there might be a window of opportunity for some new country to pop out of the fascist goo the United States has become, but even that is debatable.

I don’t have any happy ending for you. Goodnight and good luck.

So When Will House Trump Start Pushing People Out Windows?

by Shelt Garner

People continue to get pushed out of windows in modern Russia. As it is an absolute law of nature that Trump is going to brazenly steal the 2020 Election, it is inevitable that this is going to happen in the United States as well.

And, really, if it’s this much of a struggle to simply keep the United States a liberal democracy, I think it’s safe to say we’re no longer one. We’re a fascist state and the sooner we admit that to ourselves, the better. We’re beyond the point of no return. The bad guys have won. And, as such, they’re going to push people — like me! — out of windows as soon as they can safely get away with it.

The key thing for House Trump to get away with this type of bullshit is they have to eliminate the free press. Republicans’ tell on being old school fascists is how absolutely they hate the free press. They know that even as ineffectual as it is now, the free press is one of the few things stopping them from, well, pushing people like me out of windows.

So, I would say the process will happen in fits and starts, but it will happen. Soon enough there will be a purge (or destruction) of any media outlet that isn’t, say, OANN, and the whole pushing people out of windows thing will begin in earnest. I’m thinking no later than the 2022-2023 timeframe.

The United States has a shit tone of people that MAGA things should be pushed out of windows. So once the free press is dead, they may simply start snatching people off the street en mass. MAGA will embrace this. Once there’s no press to hold House Trump accountable, they’ll have free reign to use ICE or PACT to snatch people and hold them indefinitely in an ICE Camp. The infrastructure is in place, waiting to be turned on.

Probably what will happen is the snatching will happen first and only gradually will House Trump graduate to pushing people out of windows. Because, lulz, MAGA is giddy with excitement for authoritarian rule, one issue we have to ponder is what happens to the Democrat Party as a whole. It’s possible that there may be a purge of Congress at some point by ICE or PACT and we’ll be, at least on the Federal level, a one party state.

Or something like that.

This is a our future now. This is an absolute certainty.

The only addendum I might add to that absolute sure prediction is Trump is such a self-own artist that he might delay the inevitable just a tiny bit. But even that seems like a liberal fever dream at this point.

Darkness has fallen. We’re a fascist state and really it’s going to be kind of sad when all the Twitter liberals who spend so much time scoring points against House Trump on social media at last realize that Twitter is not real life and the bad guys are in control.

Something really shocking will have to happen for this not to happen. Nothing happen with impeachment that was unexpected, so there’s no reason to assume there’s any hope in avoiding people being snatched off the street or pushed out a window in Trump’s America.

Countdown To American Fascism: Electoral College Meltdown

by Shelt Garner

As I understand it, there are a series of times from the moment the popular vote is counted until the Electoral College actual votes where the vote has to be certified. I think individual State legislatures do it and then Pence does it as the President of the Senate.

One of the major talking points of fucking fascist shitheat MAGA assholes is that the United States is a “constitutional republic” and not a democracy. They make this point because they’re fucking fascists and don’t believe in democracy in the first place unless it facilitates them gaining and keeping power. Otherwise, fuck you.

Now, before I continue, let me remind you that autocrats always win. Always. They never fucking lose. So, I have accepted that Trump is going to have a second term one way or another. It is now an absolute equal to gravity and the speed of light — Trump is going to “win” a second term and soon enough people are going to be pushed out of windows in America like they are in Russia. That I may be one of those people in the end doesn’t make me feel very good.

But let’s suppose for a little while there is some debate as to Trump’s inevitable status as “winner.” This is where all that fucking shithead MAGA talk about us being a “constitutional republic” comes into play. All they care about is Trump winning. That’s it. Nothing else matters. As such, they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure he stays in power, even if it means destroying the political system of the country they claim to want to “make great again.”

So, I could see a few repeats of the Brooks Brothers Riot of 2000. I could see rolling political violence between election night and when Trump is sworn in. I could see states with Republican legislatures simply refusing to certify the vote at the behest of Trump. All of this would smash into the MAGA dominated Federal judiciary where — surprise! — Trump wins. It happened in 2000 and it’s going to happen in 2020, should it come to that. It will be a five-four vote and Trump is sworn in and fuck you, libtards.

If things got really dicey for Trump, I could see him pressuring individual Electors on Twitter, or doxing them or telling MAGA people to “show them the power of the 2nd Amendment.” Or, if Trump hasn’t already indicted Biden as his “October Surprise,” I could see him doing it AFTER the election as a way to fuck with the Electoral College and or negotiate his own pardon should, somehow, we manage to frogwalk him out of the Oval Office on January 20th.

The issue is, in the end, because Trump is a fucking fascist, he will come out on top. Then all of our nightmares will come true and, well, that’s it. In fact, the only possible thing that MIGHT happen to stop this political hellscape from happening is, well, Trump being Trump.

While Trump has some astonishing macro political trends in his favor, he, himself is still a fucking moron. He’s not a political genius as The New York Times‘ Maggie Haberman would coo that he is. He’s just a fucking idiot. What’s more, he’s a fucking idiot with history of repeated self-owns.

So, in the end, any chance we have of having a little bit of a breather before Tom Cotton or Mike Pompeo finally smother Lady Liberty will come because Trump, personally, screws up in some fucking massive way.

But there’s no assurance one way or another that this will happen — if ever. And probably what would happen is his personal screw up would be such a massive human tragedy that no one in particular will gain from it. We’ll just be rid of Trump for a little while until Ivanka or Don Jr have to battle Cotton and Pompeo for the House Trump crown.

Evangelicals Support Trump Because They Think He’s The Anti-Christ

by Shelt Garner

As you may know, American Evangelicals have an ABSOLUTE support for the state of Israel. Their support is so absolute that there’s only one thing to compare it to — their support of Donald Trump.

I see a lot of Twitter liberals think out loud about how it’s possible that 38% of the electorate could continue to support a fucking fascist misogynistic racist moronic libertine like Donald Trump. You think up all the complicated reasons you want, but when it comes to Evangelicals the answer is pretty simple: they support Trump because they think he’s the anti-Christ and, as such, will hasten the return of Jesus.

This is not something that the average Christian is likely to agree is real. They’ll bob and weave, or deflect or start talking in abstract terms about Godless progressives and their attack on the sanctity of marriage. And it’s likely that the Evangelical leaders don’t even have to at any point say any of this out loud — the Bible, in their mind, speaks for itself.

If you work on the assumption this is the case, then everything makes sense. It’s not that Evangelicals support Trump DESPITE what’s wrong with him on a personal level, they support him BECAUSE of what’s wrong with him on a personal level.

Now, I have to admit it does get comical when you call your average Christian on this. Usually what happens is they let slip something about the anti-Christ (usually suggesting they can’t vote for Biden because he’s the anti-Christ.) With just a moment’s thought, however, a secular humanist can turn the tables on such a Christian by asking a simple question, “Don’t you HAVE to have an anti-Christ for Jesus to return? Wouldn’t it make sense to vote FOR Biden if you thought he was the anti-Christ?”

Before you and point out that Trump sure does fit the definition of the anti-Christ better than Biden, suddenly your Christian interlocutor has to go somewhere, or they get really upset or they wave their hands and say everything is political and trail off into a murmur.

The point is — Christians, even the ones who really know scripture well — are only willing to entertain the idea of the anti-Christ on a political level if it means not voting for Joe Biden. But, of course, instead of a lot of rhetorical gymnastics, there’s a much simple explanation — TRUMP is the anti-Christ and that’s WHY they support him.

Anyway, it probably won’t matter since once House Trump consolidates power we’ll all be forced to worship at a Qanon Church.

Trump Is Playing With Fire With The Bogus Durham Investigation

by Shelt Garner

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Trump was supposed to lose the popular vote and win the Electoral College just like in 2016. Just after his acquittal by callow Senate Republicans he was giving a very loud standing ovation by these same Republicans in a private meeting.

Trump knew all he had to do was absolutely placate the MAGA base and the rest would take care of itself.

Then COVID19 happened.

Now things are a bit more tricky. Trump’s natural inculcation is to use the bullshit Durham Investigation into the origins of the TrumpRussia investigation to indict Joe Biden and be done with it. He would kill two birds with one stone — he would “prove” that TrumpRussia was a “hoax” and he would knock out Biden so he easily wins re-election.

I am fully prepared to state that this may still work. In fact, it will work. If we’ve gotten this far down the road to tyranny, then something as simple as brazenly indicting Joe Biden for political gain is a lulz. All they have to do is indict Biden a just the right moment so there’s some confusion about it all as people go to the polls. By the time everything gets straightened out, Trump will be ranting about the need for a Constitutional Convention and MAGA will simply dismiss people people’s rage at what happened as the usual “Orange Man Bad” liberals being “triggered.”

As an aside, I think we might be willing to think outside the box a little bit — what if Durham waits until AFTER the election to indict Biden and the whole thing is used as a negotiating tactic to make sure TRUMP isn’t indicted after he leaves office? The only reason why I’m not prepared to accept this as a possibility is Trump is a fucking moron and his actual personal political skill is little more than a grunt.

Anyway, there is a least a tiny chance that while indicting Biden as the “October Surprise” gets the job done, it might also be something so outrageous and on the nose that even people who otherwise “don’t have time for politics” might, at last sit up and take notice. It’s not likely, but it’s possible — I mean, if you’re cool with “tender care facilities” what’s a little election theft between fascists?

But it is possible that some pretty unexpected things might happen if Trump gets too greedy and indicts Biden directly. If he was smart — which he is not — he would get really close to Biden, but not indict Biden himself. But MAGA people are so absolute in their bloodlust when it comes to the Durham Investigation that I could totally see them lulzing this and making a significant strategic error.

I’m not prepared to get my hopes up, though. More likely than not, the country is simply too divided. And, if anything, history books will count the indictment of Biden as the moment the United States, for intents and purposes, finally became a fascist state.

I keep trying to come up with solutions or what people can do on a practical level to combat this, but I guess I’m not smart enough. Everything I can think of involves getting at least 3.5% of the population to participate in mass protests and general strikes.

The United States simply has no political history of something so big — we’re not France, after all, so lulz.

Of The Coming Constitutional Convention

by Shelt Garner

Again, form follows function. Trump calls his good buddy Putin about once every two weeks these days, so it’s safe to say that if the bullshit Durham Investigation doesn’t help Trump steal the 2020 Election, the Russians will.

We therefore have to accept that it’s an absolute fact of life that Trump is going to “win” re-election by stealing it in a rather dramatic fashion. There will be a lot of angry tweets by the so-called “Resistance” but not a lot is going to happen where it actually matters — real life.

For months, twitter “thought leaders” will fight over what, exactly, allowed Trump to win. While all that’s happening, of course, Trump is going to start ranting about how big the budget deficit is and how we ABSOLUTELY have to call a Constitutional Convention to solve that problem.

We will then go through what is now the routine. At first, Trump will tweet about it and everyone will be shocked. Republicans will universally say Trump’s just joking and we’ve all fallen for his “master troll.” There will be a lot of talk about how people like me are being hysterical, as usual and that “Orange Man Bad” is all I have to contribute to the conversation. Then, of course, Trump will make it absolutely clear that he’s very, very serious about this proposal.

This will lead to a lot of ever-so-serious discussion about the need to balance the budget and how the only way to enact this long-needed addition to the Constitution is via a Constitutional Convention. The Fox News propaganda machine will be all in. While Twitter Liberals gnash their teeth about what a bad idea a Constitutional Convention would be, Fox New’s will articulate a very simple case for why it’s needed.

The momentum will begin to build in the mainstream press. Soon, there will be talk of the possible liberal benefits of such a Convention. Who knows, maybe the ERA will be passed! There will be a pitched battle for much of 2021 as to if this is a good idea or not. Maggie Haberman will coo about what a brilliant political mind Trump is.

Ultimately, of course, we’ll get the 5(?) state legislatures we need to have it called up. As I understand it, precedent would suggest that delegates to this Convention will be surprise! picked by state legislatures which are overwhelmingly MAGA Republicans.

The moment the convention assembles, it goes rouge. Some of that might be from Trump ranting at it everyday on Twitter and some of it may be just Republicans, by definition, hate liberal democracy. When the process is completed a slew of American Enabling Acts are drawn up. Birthright citizenship will be eliminated. Trump will be able to run for as many terms as he likes. Hell, maybe they’ll figure out a way that Trump can simply rule by decree because, lulz, nothing matters.

After a lot of debate, 3/4’s of the State legislatures pass these American Enabling Acts and House Trump’s power is codified into law.

That’s it. That’s our future.

Trump’s Coming Second Term Purge of Late Night Hosts

by Shelt Garner

Form follows function, so it would make a lot of sense that once Trump brazenly steals a second term that one of the first things he’s going to do is purge late night of all the hosts he doesn’t like.

Remember, by this point, Trump will have crossed a number of Rubicons in his successful efforts to steal the 2020 election, so he’s going to do some pretty jawdropping things that even he might not have thought about doing before. There are two ways I could see him getting rid of late show hosts he didn’t like.

One would be direct — he tells the heads of the majors media companies to do it or else. He’ll take their broadcasting license or whatever. This probably will happen behind the scenes, but when the boom is dropped it will happen very rapidly. We’ll all find out what he did, but lulz, nothing matters.

There’s another way he might do it — he might convince “German Industrialists” to buy up stock in various media companies and get them to pressure media execs to get rid of the hosts that way.

Whenever this happens — and it WILL happen — there will be a lot of gnashing of teeth by media types. We’ll learn all about the Smothers Brothers and LBJ. There might be some isolated protests. Many a “successful” meme will be launched on social media that “destroys” Trump. (Ugh.) But, in the end, nothing will happen. Absolutely nothing. Trump will win and there will be a new crop of late night hosts. It could be a number of these new hosts will be women or minorities in a sop liberals. But, oddly, none of these new hosts will talk about politics at all.

Meanwhile, the purged late night hosts will get new deals on Netflix or Disney+. They will all start a number of successful podcasts.

But an era will be over.

Soon enough, a similar purge will take place in TV newsrooms across the country. It’s even possible that Rupert Murdoch will be encouraged to buy The New York Times and or CNN. By the time Trump ramps up his efforts to get a Constitutional Convention called up to “pass a balanced budget amendment” the media in the United States will be nothing more than a lap dog to House Trump.

I believe barring a pretty enormous self-own on the part of Trump himself (which is obviously always possible) this is our future. It’s an absolute law of nature at this point.

Let’s Address #MAGA Talking Points

by Shelt Garner

Here are some of the current MAGA talking points as best I can determine. I’ll try to address them as best I can.

“We’re A Constitutional Republic, Not A Democracy’
If someone is using this to defend Trump, what they’re really saying is when Trump brazenly steals the election in the fall, all that matters is he stays in power and fuck you. In fact, I would go so far as to say this is something of a fallback position while they think of some other bullshit reason to defend the indefensible. They want to get into a squabble over terminology and not address the issues at hand.

As always, Trump himself does them no favors when he tweets out a suggestion that the fall election be “delayed.” This goes beyond simply laying the groundwork for being cool with Trump outright stealing the election because “we’re a constitutional republic and not a democracy” straight to outright fascist thuggery. Usually, when you bring such things up, they say Trump is “just joking” and you’ve fallen for his trolling again, libtard.

Trump As Master Troll
For this to work, you have to essentially posit that nothing Trump says should be taken seriously, even after he makes it clear it IS meant to be taken seriously. Trump does this constantly to his supporters. They call you a fool for falling for Trump’s trolling then he turns around and makes it absolutely clear that he was not joking. In fact, he doubles down, triples down in all seriousness the thing that his followers throw in your face as simply a “troll” that has “triggered” you. Remember, all MAGA talking points are based on the concept of “owning the moment” on a tactical level. Strategically, they could care less. Fuck you. This leads them to some pretty astonishing self-owns on a strategic level, but lulz, they have no shame and don’t care about anything but power and greed.

Trump Is Protecting My Family From Violent Communists And Anarchists
This is straight out of the fascist playbook. Fascists want to draw the lines of political debate so absolutely on an abstract level that there is absolutely no room for compromise or debate. This is why Trump sent his Little Green Men to Portland — he wanted to feature the resulting violence in campaign ads.

MAGA wants to conflate violent protests with peaceful protests. It’s like whenever gun control is brought up, gun rights advocates immediately go insane with notions that you want to “take” their guns not “control” them. There are plenty of valid concerns that conservative-but-not-MAGA people about how swiftly perceptions have changed about some things. Usually, this is more a result of them being zoned out because they’re so busy raising their kids and paying their mortgage that they “don’t have time for politics.” When that bubble is pierced by this or that thing on Fox News, they get all upset and pretty much are so overwhelmed with their abstract fears about what MIGHT happen, that it’s difficult — if not impossible — to talk to them about the actual fascist behavior of Trump.

This is another tried and true form of gas-lighting on the part of MAGA these days. What they want is to have a big argument about what Biden has — or hasn’t done — so you spend a lot of time fighting over this and not the very concrete fuckups that Trump has done. That’s why Hunter Biden and the Durham Investigation are so existential to MAGA — they want to distract the average person who “doesn’t have time for politics” with the things that Biden may have done wrong, so there’s no time left over for the obscene amount of things that House Trump has, in fact, done.

“You’re Going To Have To Learn Chinese And Russian If Biden Is Elected”
This talking point is so delusional and beyond any basis in fact as to be darkly comical. Now, I will admit that over the last five years, I’ve probably come across as rather hysterical about our march towards fascism. But, in hindsight, I wasn’t wrong, I was just wrong about chronology. That and Trump simply is too stupid, incompetent and lay to do much of the stuff he obviously wants to do. And, lulz, he always has a stolen second term to do all the stuff I’ve feared he would do in his first. All the indicators are pointing in a very, very dark direction

But the point of this talking point, I guess, is that Biden is soft on Russia and China. This talking point, like so many of MAGA’s talking points, is meant to either make you so angry that you just start screaming at each other, or to muddle the waters while you attempt to explain that, if anything, it’s Trump who is extremely “soft” on both China and Russia. Trump begged President Xi to help him win re-election and said he was cool with concentration camps. Meanwhile, Trump has always been soft on Russia and has called him about every two weeks since March. But by the time everything gets sorted out, they either walk away, have attacked you personally, or have pull some other bullshit out of their ass

Lastly, there’s The Big Lie
This talking point reminds you that the lines have been drawn and there’s no going back. This talking point is pretty much just “Fuck you” dressed up in any number of extremely stupid or surreal gross misinterpretations of facts that are pretty much just “I’m scared of the Browning of America” said with different words.

In the end, there’s simply nothing you can do with MAGA people. There are some extremely complicated, existential flaws in the American political system that aren’t going anywhere. And demographic trends don’t suggest liberal democracy in the United States is going to survive MAGA.