The Birth of Trumplandia — Political Events Are Spinning Out of Control In The United States

by Shelt Garner

With the SCOTUS rebuff of Trump today, we’re closer to figuring out which side is going to probably secede from the Union. For a moment there, it looked like it might be Blue States.

Now, it looks like it will be Red States.

Specifically, the 19 States that joined in on the case that SCOTUS rejected today. Throw in the 126 Congressmen who supported it as well, and you have the core of a Neo-Confederate government. Though, if they were honest with themselves, they would call their new breakaway nation Trumplandia.

But we’re still not quite where we need to be to for such a thing to happen. There are a few more hoops, a few more things to go wrong for the country before we take the final plunge to disunion. One thing that has to happen is the Neo-Confederates have to put up or shut up. AND, Trump would have to adopt their cause as his own.

As it stands, he simply wants to make money and avoid going to jail in New York State. If Trump DID begin to publicly entertain the idea of a Trumplandia, then, well, that’s it. The ball is then in the United States court — it would be President Biden, not Trump would would find themselves invoking the Insurrection Act and having to decide if the Union is worth it or not. (It is.)

Help us, Lincoln….

In a way, that would be the most unexpected part of all of this — if Trump left office…only to become president of Trumplandia…then, well, wow we wow wow. That would be a rather unexpected turn of events.

But, again, he would have to embrace the idea. As it stands, he may go insane, he may start a war with the DPRK or Iran…but he has shown no signs of wanting to be the president of a rump USA. One thing that might convince him is if there was a groundswell for him to do just that.

And, remember, Trump is nothing more than a deranged ding-dong. It’s very possible he would become Trumplandia’s president in name only, with Tom Cotton or Mike Pompeo being the real power behind the throne.

Some observations — while I support Biden, he’s old as hell. He doesn’t really engender a lot of faith as to his ability to handle a Second American Civil War. Kamala Harris, meanwhile, would eat Trumplandia for lunch. She’s tough as nails and would make an great wartime leader. Someone who could save the Union just like Lincoln did.

So, for the time being, we wait.

America, 2020.

Do the 19 States have the balls to leave the Union or not? It FEELS like This Is It and we’re going to have a Second American Civil War. It really does. But there is more than enough time for things to calm down and for us to punt this particular crisis down the road.

Do you feel lucky, Trumplandia? Or are you all talk?

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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