The Hypocrisy Of The Right

by Shelt Garner

Where to begin with this one. But, let’s try. The issue is because of “vibes” the American Right thinks the world is out to get them. They see any possible slight against their movement as The End Times. They are, in short, a bunch of fucking snowflake crybabies.

But the thing to remember about the Right is at their core is a willingness to be hypocrites without blinking an eye. Take, for instance, how Republicans are “free speech absolutists” when it gives them the two-fer of “owning the libs” AND demanding all their mistaken-for-Nazi rhetoric is allowed to spew forth online like just so much sludge.

Then, the moment they feel that clamping down on free speech will help their never-ending efforts to establish a fascist white Christian ethnostate, suddenly, it’s all, “Lulz, can’t have THAT speech be free, now can we?”

They do this all the fucking time! On every subject! They pick the most extreme position possible, then when someone calls them out on how using their own logic they’re a bunch of fucking hypocrites they just hand wave the issue away and piviot to how “the big guy” sold out America to Chinese interests in the name of his son. UGH. (Even though we know for a fact from recent reporting that ding-dong Trump did the very thing the Right screams at the top of their lungs that Biden did!)

It’s all very aggravating.

And, at its heart, the issue is just “vibes.” White Christian (men) are spooked by how America, in general, is becoming more brown, female controlled and secular and it freaks them the fuck out. So much so that they would hand the American birthright of democracy to a malignant ding-dong like Trump so he can snuff it out.

As I keep saying, I’m not so much interested in what Tyrant Trump will do should he become POTUS again as I am what the REACTION to such tyrannical behavior will be on the part of the “center” that usually doesn’t really care about politics and when pressed they “both sides” any controversial issue into oblivion.

If Trump really does try to deport 20 million people out of the country and he literally starts to snatch people off the street in broad daylight….will these so-called “centrists” take notice? Will they even care? Or will they be just fine as long as brown kids are back in cages, screaming because they’ve been separated from their parents?

Will only be when things get personal for them, specifically, that “centrists” get woke and decide to do something in the real world about the Red King? What they might do, I have no idea. But I’m a little unease as to how unstable the United States MIGHT grow to be in late 2024, early 2025.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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