I Will Admit That As I’ve Gotten Older, I’ve Become More … Traditional

by Shelt Garner

These days, I find myself seething more and more about MAGA and how ascendant fascism is in the United States. And, yet, at the same time, I have to admit to myself that I get grumpy with some of the more extreme elements of the center-Left co-coalition that I absolutely am forced to be a part of because I fucking hate MAGA so much.

This came to my attention because someone looked at my rant about a podcast I did some time ago. And the person was in Austin, so they probably are in some way connected to or know the people I was ranting about.

I stand by the rant — even if I was in a fucking bad mood when I wrote it. I think a clearer description of what makes me annoyed would be this, “I think we should have some form of National Service to gently nudge men and women to be forced to deal with people they don’t like in the real world.”

All the other bullshit I said about “traditional masculinity” was just me being in a bad mood. Whatever, fuck you. I do believe in the power of the nuclear family, which, apparently is some sort of radical idea to some Leftists. But I mean well. The worst thing anyone every said about me was, I was a “delusional jerk with a good heart.”

Could be a lot worse.

Anyway — I still think Ezra Klein is going to bounce if Trump is re-elected. He’s just too wealthy and has a vested interest to smell his own farts in the south of France while I get shot in the back of the head by an ICE agent.

I Bet The New York Times’ Ezra Klein Flees The Country If Trump Wins Re-Election

by Shelt Garner

Of all the smug social media liberals who will flee the country if Trump wins re-election, I think Ezra Klein is at the top of the list. He’s just the type of intellectual soyboy who will talk a big game but will, rather than help use his abilities to protect democracy, will bounce out of the country the moment it’s clear Trump is going to become POTUS again.

He will leave the far less wealthy and educated Poors like me to our own devices as Trump swoops in a begins to, in a very ham-handed manner, consolidate power and go full tyrant.

Oh Jesus, this Search Engine podcast I’m listening to that Klein is the guest on is both informative and extremely grating on the nerves. It’s bunch of smug social media liberals who look down on freaky weirdos like me talk to each other about smug, social media liberal things.


Something about all the fey, soboy voices on Search Engine really grates on my nerves, too. Like, pick up a barbell or something. It’s these rare times like this that I “get” why people listen to Joe Rogan. UUUUHHHHH. Being traditionally masculine isn’t, by definition, a bad thing, you know.