Choreographing A Scene #AmWriting

by Shelt Garner

While the nation I love is being burned to the ground by a bunch of fucking incompetent idiots, I find myself working on a more complex scene in the novel I’m working on.

All I can say is it’s times like this when the white hot rage I feel towards the Trump Administration comes in handy. I have a scene I’m working on that requires a lot of work because it has one or two extra people in it. It’s an important scene because a lot of information is being conveyed within it meant to push the plot forward.

I have come up with a unique way to address the #MeToo movement that I think a lot of men will enjoy. The point of telling a story with a message is that, like, people actually enjoy enough to consume it. That was the big problem with the movie Booksmart — I hated that movie, even though I was empathetic to its message because it insulted me.

With the novel I’m working on, I want everyone (expect maybe fucking shithead MAGA people) to have a good time. If you’re just a regular old conservative, I really hope you’ll find something to hang your hat on. I want my protagonist to be more conservative than I am, but it’s a struggle. It’s difficult — given how fetid MAGA has made the conservative movement — for me to figure out how square the circle on that one. But I’m trying, at least.

One thing about this novel, at least in the first draft, is it’s not dark and scary. It’s no Gone Girl. It’s no The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. I’m just not that type of person. But it’s the first draft still. The point of this draft is to just get the story down. In the second draft I’m going to work on tone more. I think having a dark and scary prologue will do a lot to set the tone of the novel from the beginning.

But anyway. I have a huge amount of work to do on this scene. My rage against the Trump Administration is dragging me by the collar. I’m absolutely focused — obsessed, if you will — with using what little talent I have to lay out an indictment of this fucked up moment in our nation’s history.

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