Trump, Russia & Kanye

by Shelt Garner

We’ve passed the event horizon for Trump’s final consolidation of power. Soon enough, he will, on a political level, be a king. But it is interesting to note the details of this event as they zoom past us.

One of them is the “campaign” of Kanye West.

It seems as though, on the face of it, that House Trump wants to re-create the conditions of 2016. On one hand, there will be a third party candidate who will cut into Biden poll numbers and it’s likely that something along the lines of the Second Comey Letter will happen in late October as well.

But there is another, even darker possibility lurking in the shadows.

It seems to me that House Trump and the Russians are working hand-in-hand for the Russians to hack directly into our election systems. It would make a lot of sense for the Russians, under the cover of Kanye, to move just enough votes from Biden to Kanye so when he provides the margin of victory. This is pretty typical in some elections and so people won’t be as suspicious.

Given that there are a very specific — an well-known – set of events that happen after Election Night, it seems obvious that even if people began to grow suspicious about Russians hacking directly into our election systems, all Trump has to do is stonewall long enough for the electors to be certified and for them to vote.

Everything else is a lulz.

Trump can rapidly consolidate power on a number of different levels and by the time we all figure out what happened, AOC will be founding the Second Republic after having been in prison for 40 years. Darkness is here and, really, it’s just a matter of what shade of pitch black we have to suffer through.

All I can say is, do a gut check on what’s important to you in the real world. There’s going to come a time very, very soon when you either stand up for what you believe in and risk your life, your family or your career, or you don’t.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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