The Two ‘Tracks’ of Election 2020

by Shelt Garner

Two different things are happening with Election 2020. On a strictly political level, Biden is in a pretty good position. Meanwhile, everything else indicates that’s a serious lulz.

In other words, a lot of Twitter liberals are working on the assumption we’re still a liberal democracy with a functioning political system. This, sadly, is not the case. Politics in the United States is no longer functioning. The Right in the United States is now completely fascist. They don’t believe in traditional American democracy and see it only as a means to an end.

As such, even though under the traditional rules of American elections, Biden is doing pretty well, under the so-called “new rules” that fascist Republicans love so much, he’s simply not going to be allowed to take power, even if he actually legally wins.

Remember, this is happening in the context of Trump throwing everything he has — including conspiring with the Russians — BEFORE the election happens. So, it’s reasonable to assume all of this wraps up Election Night. We may be left scratching our heads about some things, but Trump will win re-election and we’ll continue our gradual slide into autocratic managed democracy. Trump will demand a Constitutional Convention and if you really wanted to get dystopian, he’ll tell the military to stand down so MAGA-Qanon can murder millions of liberals in cold blood.

At the other end of the spectrum, there’s just a civil war.

I don’t know how that civil war would play out, but I would guess that initially what would happen is MAGA-Qanon would sucker punch the country, hoping for a knock out blow. If that wasn’t successful, then it would become something of a pitched battle. Trump would use this violence as an excuse to consolidate power even quicker than he would anyway and the very thing that would happen gradually over a few years will happen in a few months.

The point is — it’s over. Darkness has fallen.

I really wish I was wrong, but all metrics, all macro trends point to this as being inevitable. People are going to get snatched off the street nation wide. People are going to be pushed out of windows. The media will be purged.

All I can say is good luck. You’ll need it.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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