Trump’s Quid Pro Quo With The Russians For Removing 1/3 of Our Troops From Russia & The 2020 Election

by Shelt Garner

I’ve grown extremely jaded about the United State’s fate. All macro trends indicate that we are so, so very fucked. There’s just nothing at this point that can possibly stop our transformation from liberal democracy to autocratic managed democracy. It’s a done deal.

We need to start thinking about how this change will influence us on a personal level and what we can do to make your little corner of this shitshow better. Let me go into why this is now an absolute certainty.

It seems to me that it’s EXTREMELY likely that the Russians, in exchange for Trump removing 1/3 of our troops from Germany, are going to hack directly into our election systems. Now, let’s go through the different scenarios of what happens next.

We Find Out Sooner Rather Than Later
Ok, let’s say Trump “wins” the 2020 election in exactly the same fashion as he did in 2016 — he loses the popular vote by a significant margin by wins the Electoral College by a few thousand votes in some major swing states. A lot of people will be upset, but it’s happened before, so we’ll just chalk it up to “shy Trump voters” or the mysterious power of the “boat vote.”

Then, a few days or so after we’ve settled down and we brace ourselves for Trumplandia squeezing us of all of freedoms, massive news breaks — someone, somewhere has discovered absolute proof that the Russians fucked with the election in a direct fashion. Despite they’re best efforts to get away clean, they left behind evidence of some sort and there’s absolute fucking proof that they did it. What’s more, with a little digging it starts to grow apparent that there might have even been some direct co-ordination between the Trump campaign (read: Trump) and the Russians to pull this perfect crime off.

A lot of people on Twitter will get excited. They will begin to assume that of course this means Trump has lost and we can maybe have nice things again. Not so fast. The very same ratfucking that Trump used not only with the Stormy Daniels situation but with the quid pro quo with the Ukrainians will kick in, only at a far rapid rate because we have to worry about the vote being certified and Electors voting.

Rudy pops out of his crypt. He rants about how it’s all fake news. He goes on CNN and acts like he’s about to have a stroke. He admits Trump did it. But he rants about how it’s all legal and no laws have been broken. He could even admit that it was illegal by the end of the interview. But, remember, not only will all of this be a political issue, but the clock will be ticking as to certifying the vote and the voting of the Electoral College.

To make a long story short — because of the dynamics of the months between election night and January 20th, Trump is absolutely going to win. Absolutely. So we could literally know that Trump essentially was a traitor and by the time it was all over with 38% of the electorate would be booking their vacations in Russia they’ll be so happy it all happened.

And spare me any notion that there might be protests or a civil war. I just don’t see it. Even if there were massive protests for weeks on end, a lot of people would just be upset about the few riots that might be associated with this. Or the whole thing would be ignored. Only if there was some sort of General Strike might that catch the eye of the fucking craven cocksucker Republicans enough for something, anything to be done about this treason.

I’m not exactly thrilled at the idea of an actual civil war. I guess if the above scenario happened an actual fighting civil war might happen, but the end game on that is so up to debate that I can’t even begin to map out what might happen.

We Find Out Later
In this scenario, it’s not November to January when we find out, it’s a few years into Trump’s second term. Though, given that Trump is going to consolidate power in his second term, if we don’t find out before Trump purges the media, then, lulz.

But let’s suppose we find out before Trump nationalizes The New York Times and forces WarnerMedia to merge CNN with OANN. All the same things I just described above will happen, only Trump MIGHT get impeached again. But, sadly, the same thing will happen as the first impeachment — nothing.

Remember, Trump is an autocrat — if a very incompetent one — so all he cares about is power. Nothing else matters.

As such, our slide into an autocrat managed democracy is a done deal. America has fallen. We’re nothing more than a vassal state of Russia at this point, we just don’t realize it yet.

Get out of the country while you still can.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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