If I Had A Screenwriting Passion Project, This Would Be It: The Trapped Man Of Babie Doły

by Shelt Garner

Something about this story evokes such horror in me that I think it would be a great, great movie — or maybe Stephen King novel. And it’s real. It’s fucking real. It really happened. I could see it as a spiritual successor to The Shawshank Redemption.

In 1951 a German soldier was found alive after being trapped with five comrades following the dynamiting of their underground storehouse in 1945. They are believed to have been looting the storehouse and the retreating soldiers who dynamited the tunnel did not know they were there. The stores contained a large amount of food, drink, candles and other goods so the soldiers were able to survive. Four of the soldiers died (Two suicides soon after being trapped, two unknown causes) leaving only two survivors. One of them suffered a heart attack and died upon leaving the tunnel.[2][3][4] The final soldier was said to have made a full recovery, but his identity was never revealed.[5] — Wikipedia.

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