Can A Crank Like Me Sell A Novel?

by Shelt Garner

I am well aware that I come off as an Internet crank. Ok, you got me. I come up with weird ideas. There are plenty of reasons to dismiss me as just an over opinionated rando in the middle of nowhere.

And, yet, I know I’ve got lightning in bottle when it comes to this novel. The conceit is really, really good. What’s more, my storytelling ability is, at last, up to being able to tell the story in the way I want to tell it.

My fear is, I can actually pull this rabbit out of a hat when when I try to sell the novel, people will do their due diligence on me and not give me any credit for writing a really good piece of pop art. (As I keep saying, this novel has no literary aspirations — it’s not A Confederacy of Dunces.)

This is a question that has begun to eat away at me because it would be so unfair — and typical — if I actually do what I have set out to do and it’s not the novel it’s ME that prevents it from being bought. But if I have to self-publish, I will.

I just wish the work could get judged on its merits, not on what a conspicuous weirdo the author is.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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