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I know something about the power of grief. What I don’t know is anything about how to put words to music. I know the words part, but how to fit words to music is something I’m oblivious about. I would buy a guitar and learn, but I’ve decided that photography will be my second creative “track.” Anyway, the photos of grief that Anna Marie Tendler is producing in despair over her recent divorce is something I can related to. The late Annie Shapiro went through something of a divorce because of ROKon Magazine and it took me – gulp — a lot longer than I would like to admit for me to get over it. Anyway, the title of these lyrics comes from the photo I’ve linked to.

A Room That Once Was
lyrics by Shelt Garner
Please give credit if you produce or perform

this is a room that was once a home
it filled our hearts with hope
we believed it was for a dream
but it was just a nightmare
it was all a lie
you looked me in the face
told me you would never leave

I believed you I did
now I’m at a loss to what happens next
I turn the light on to this room
we christened its hardwood floor
thinking we might make a baby

a room that once was a home
but is just a hole
a hole in my heart
a room that once was (a home)
a room that once was (a home)
a room that once was (a home)

I try to read in the room
really I do
but dread is too powerful for me to
so I don’t know what to do
maybe you can tell me
in your new enlightment
you’re going to be a father
I hear
oh dear
all I have is

a room that once was
a room that once was
a room that once was
a room that once was

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