Was I Too Hard On ‘Don’t Look Up?’

by Shelt Garner

The media reaction to The Slap, especially on YouTube, has me wondering if I was too hard on Don’t Look Up. I didn’t finish the movie because I found it very aggravating, but from the clips I’ve seen of the movie after the point that I seen are eerily similar to what happened in the days after The Slap.

There’s a huge “but” involved.

And that “but” is Don’t Look Up got so wrapped up in the over-the-top parody that it missed the point of the story. Or, put another way, there was definitely a modern day Network somewhere in Don’t Look Up, but the actual movie is so muddled that it’s grating on the nerves.

But some of the media commentary that the movie has is spot on. I guess it’s aggravating on what we missed out on. We deserved a new Network, but about global climate change, and we got Mars Attack update about politics.

Anyway. I have my own take on global climate change rolling around in my mind, but I’m so wrapped up working on this five novel project to get around to it. I wish I could do both, but I can’t.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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