Ending Roe Would Be A Modern Day Dred Scott Decision

by Shelt Garner

Should what we’re led to believe happen and SCOTUS overturns Roe, we will lurch towards a Second American Civil War around 2024 – 2025. All the conditions are there.

There are two major questions at this point.

One is, what will the military do should it seem the country is going to break in two and the other is, do we just slip peacefully into autocracy?

For the moment, the US Military is a real wild card whenever I try to game out a Second American Civil War. It could be that instead of what I fear — a civil war — we get a weird, hazy gray era in American politics were Acting President James Mattis holds the country together while we figure out how to hold a judicious Constitutional Convention.

Or, put another way, it’s highly unlikely that the US Military would one, sit back and watch the country collapse or two, fall apart like what happened at the beginning of the first American Civil War.

So, that, unto itself, is something of a conundrum.

And, regardless of what the US Military ultimately does, it’s possible we’ll just slip peacefully into an autocracy and that will be that. But all I do know is the moment abortion is illegal in huge swaths of America — we’re going to grow far more politically unstable than we already are.

Buckle up.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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