What Would Be The Reaction Of The U.S. Military If Blue States Left The Union Around 2025?

by Shelt Garner

I’m not an expert, so you can actively ignore me on this one, but here are my personal thoughts on what might happen should Blue States bounce out of the Union around 2024 -2025.

The theory is, at this point, that because Republicans will be a little too aggressive in their theft of the 2024 election, Blue States, starting with California, will simply leave the Union.

But here’s the rub — this would not happen in the context of antebellum 19th century America, but, rather in 21st century America that has been a nation-state since 1865.

As such, I wonder if there’s a glaring flaw in my basic assumptions about how a Second American Civil War might play out. And that flaw is the U.S. Military. Is it possible that should we actually get to the point where Blue States are leaving the Union that the U. S. Military will step in and single-handedly hold the country together?

Given that the reason why the civil war would start would be the question of Who Is The President? it’s possible that someone like James Mattis might come in as part of a military coup. He would be president just long enough for a Constitutional Convention that would fix the structural problems the country faces at the moment.

And YET, there’s another way of looking at that — such a desperate move could simply be modern day equivalent of a last-gasp change to avoid violence like the Crittenden Resolution that happened at the beginning of the Civil War. It could be that, in the end, not even the US Military can keep the country together.

Give the MAGA New Right a few more years to marinate in their hate who knows what might happen.

The passions of the 1860 election caused a civil war, it seems that what might seem unthinkable now in 2022 could very well happen in 2024 for the same reason: civil war.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

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