Things Are Dark Politically In The United States At The Moment

by Shelt Garner

There’s a very dark vibe in the US at the moment. I continue to believe we have the existential choice of autocracy or civil war in the near future (probably around 2024 – 2025.) But it could be a lot sooner than I think if the 2022 mid-terms prove to be as corrupt as I fear.

But, the point is, enjoy these last few months of normal life in a Western democracy while they last. Things are going to get really bumpy very soon. We’re either going to slide peacefully into a MAGA themed autocracy, or there is going to be real and severe political violence in the US — up to and including something we’re all going to refer to as a “civil war.”

I don’t have any ready answers for you. I suppose I might suggest you fill a “bug out bag” or some such. However, the key thing to me, the thing that will make or break one’s life during the Big Ugly that is going to happen soon is knowing what you believe in the real world.

What are you willing to suffer for in the real world? What are you willing to risk your life and sacred honor for in the real world? And, what’s more, if past civil wars are any indication, the side that seems to be winning at the beginning of the conflict may not be the side that ultimately wins.

AND, what’s more, remember, if the US bombs itself into oblivion, then there’s going to be WW3. The US is the cornerstone of 75 years of world peace — Pax Americana — and if we’re preoccupied by blowing ourselves up then, lulz, back off because we’re going to have a “Great Reset” as America is going through its “Fourth Turning.”

Again — I have no easy answers for you. There are none to have. Just understand that everything, in the real world, is probably going to be thrown up into the air pretty soon.

Author: Shelton Bumgarner

I am the Editor & Publisher of The Trumplandia Report

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