I’m Getting Pretty Good As An Aspiring Novelist, If I Do Say So Myself

by Shelt Garner

The issue at the moment is time and honing my skills. I know at last how *I* develop and write a novel. So, for the time being, things are smooth sailing. Everything could change in a heart beat — that goes without saying — but I’m please with what I’ve managed to come up with right now.

My life could literally change at any moment the context of my working on these two trilogies would change in a very, very dramatic fashion. But I really enjoy working on this project.

Every once in a while, I lean back and think, “Uh, I’m pretty good.”

But only time will tell. I have a huge amount of work to do — most of it development related reading. I really need to understand the nuts and bults of motivation, character building, so forth better.

Sometimes I fear I’m being too half-assed about shit like that.

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