My Hot Take On Howard Stern

by Shelt Garner

I’m old enough to remember when Howard Stern was the bad boy of radio and to listen to him was, unto itself, scandalous. But here’s the thing — the man is one of the best interviewers out there today. He’s a great. This is why so much of the media elite listens to him on a religious basis.

Howard Stern

I will note, of course, that he has an extremely annoying tendency to descend into such crassness that I just can’t listen to him on a regular basis. It’s all very jarring and the part of his media persona that I can not abide by.

And, yet, weirdly enough, I have an extremely tenuous connection to him that in the back of my mind I always think maybe I could use to get my novel published. I have, on occasion spoken to the ex-girlfriend of “whack pack” member Benji Bronk (even spoken to Bronk himself).

But that’s rather fantastical. I’m not putting too much weight on the possibility that that extremely weak connection to Stern might get the novel in front of Stern at some point after it’s finished. But it’s fun to think about

Anyway, the ultimate weird thing about Stern is he should have been hard canceled full stop a long time ago — and yet he continues to be very popular and very influential.

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